Aperam supports the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals


In our forestry, located on hydric-stressed areas like our other plants, lowering water consumption and improving the quality of discharge are key elements of our environmental strategy.

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More than 30% of Aperam’s energy comes from such renewable sources as biomass (charcoal) and, via pilot projects, wind and solar.

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Aperam stands as a recycling champion: it integrates a maximum amount of recycled material (not only scraps) into its production and also takes good care to leverage waste and by-products, in line with our zero-waste target.

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Our BioEnergia cultivated forest produces charcoal, which reduces the need to use coke and acts as an FSC certified carbon sink. Our plants are constantly reducing their energy consumption and also participate in our climate action plan.

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Health & Safety is Aperam’s primary concern and the priority in all our proceedings

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Gender balance has ranked highly on our priority list as of 2017. It’s also received a special commitment from management, who decided to set up specific objectives for creating more gender balance in our workforce.

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Research & Development and innovation are top priorities for Aperam. We also help our customers adapt their own processes (welding, stamping, etc.) to make the most of their tools.

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Aperam is committed to a sustainable cohabitation with our neighbouring communities, allowing host cities to thrive and addressing inhabitants‘ legitimate requests.

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Ethics are a key component to Aperam’s values. We comply with all applicable regulations, interact transparently with authorities and support the fight against corruption, money laundering and anti-competitive practices -among others.

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