What is Electrical?

Electrical steels are renowned for their excellent magnetic properties and ability to increase the efficiency of electrical equipment – the result of having silicon in their chemical composition and the use of strict process controls during production.
Aperam South America has been producing electrical steel for several decades. Today, it is Latin American’s exclusive producer of grain oriented (GO) and non-oriented (NGO) steel.

GoCore is Aperam South America’s portfolio of grain oriented (GO) and super-oriented steels. Offering optimized magnetic properties in the direction of rolling, these steels are routinely used for power and distribution transformers.

Non grain oriented steels (NGO), on the other hand, have good magnetic properties in all directions of the sheet plane. As a result, they are mainly used in electric motors, compressors, reactors for lighting systems and energy meters.

Both GO and NGO silicon steels are coated with high dielectric strength surface films that reduce magnetic losses caused by the eddy currents generated in an electrical machine’s core.

Redefining GO Steel

Aperam South America’s GoCore portfolio is redefining grain oriented and super-oriented steels. Not only does Go stand for grain oriented, it also symbolizes the steel’s ability to go beyond the current state of the art. For example, GoCore advances its steel core towards better Green Performance by only using charcoal from Aperam’s renewable forests during the production process.

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Redefining GO Steel
Redefining GO Steel

Grain Oriented (GO)

Developed to achieve low losses and high magnetic permeability, GO has excellent magnetic properties in the rolling direction.

Regularly used in the manufacturing of power transformers, energy distribution cores, power reactors, hydro-generators and turbo-generators, Aperam’s GO electric steels help decrease energy consumption, thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Our GO electric steels are available in coils and strips with a C5 surface finish (per ASTM standard).

Grain Oriented (GO)
Grain Oriented (GO)

High Grain Oriented (HGO)

Aperam is excited to announce the availability of High Permeability Grain Oriented (HGO) steel, an innovative new material used in the production of high-efficiency power transformers.
HGO not only represents a step change in the way steel is manufactured, it also redefines the power generation and distribution sectors by enabling the development of smaller, more energy efficient transformers.

This development puts Aperam into a select group of HGO producers and is a sterling example of our commitment to providing the very best in products and services.

High Grain Oriented (HGO)
High Grain Oriented (HGO)

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