Materials of Choice
for Sustainable Solutions

As our customers look to lower their carbon footprint, Aperam is present with a wide range of products answering the strong demand for more sustainability. Some of our solutions are highlighted below.

e-Mobility Solutions
Aperam is at the forefront of the e-mobility revolution. Our customized solutions enable e-vehicle components such as converters, inverters, onboard-charges, motors, air conditioning systems, EPS, cooling systems, current sensors, charging stations, fuel cells and battery packs.
Sustainable water supply
Due to its inert nature, stainless is the material of choice for water supply (e.g. tanks and fountains, water boilers, sanitary piping systems, etc.) and water treatment (e.g. sewerage, distillation, desalination) applications. Moreover, stainless reduces the risk of leakage, ensuring long-lasting supply pipes and storage solutions.
Clean air

Stainless and alloys help the marine transport sector minimizing emissions. For example, Aperam has a dedicated offer for scrubbing systems that remove over 90% of sulfur and 80% of particles. Our grades offer the corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties these processes demand. 

Cryogenic Applications

Whether used for storage or transportation, all cryogenic applications require a material that can withstand very low temperatures. Aperam offers a range of solutions (stainless and INVAR M93 LNG tanker) specially designed for cryogenic storage; transporting natural gas, ethane, or ethylene; and handling liquefied air gases like nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

Solar Power

Stainless and Alloys play an essential role in solar power. For example, thanks to its heat, corrosion, fatigue, and creep resistance, alloys are the ideal material for the receiver tubes used to ensure the flow of molten salt and for glass metal sealing. Stainless, on the other hand, is the material of choice for the structural and fixing elements used in solar power systems.

Renewable Energy

Thanks to their high permeability, electrical steels allow for a better performing wind generator. In addition, the magnetic properties of alloys help wind generators convert and shape an electrical signal from generation to end use. Anemometric towers built of stainless steel enjoy an increased life span, reduced maintenance costs, improved safety, and simplified manufacturing process.

Hydrogen economy

Hydrogen is positioned to be a key enabler of many of the sustainable solutions that will define our future. Already, stainless steel and alloys are being used in a number of important hydrogen applications, including fuel cells, production and storage installations, and transportation – to name only a few. That’s why Aperam is not just a big supporter of the shift to hydrogen, we’re also a  proud member of HydrogenEurope. 

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