A vast portfolio of carbon steel solutions to meet all your automotive application needs.

The automotive sector is comprised of a vast array of products and applications – each of which has its own specific demands and unique requirements. From medium carbon to Cr-V alloyed, Nb alloyed and Cr alloyed grades, our portfolio of carbon steel solutions is ready to meet all your automotive application needs.

Our key products

P035K, P045L, P045M Flexible workability and hardenability for some applications
P620R, P651H, P653M, P658P, P699L A Cr and V combination for a refined grain with improved hardenability.
P608L A low carbon content and a chemical composition for improved mechanical properties.
P570L, P575S, P575T, P577V, P595M In addition to high carbon levels, these grades benefit from a chromium content that increases hardenability and improves the quenching process.

A Product
for Every Application

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Components for transmission

The material of choice for transmission components

Components for transmission

Aperam’s Cr-V alloyed grades offer several advantages for transmission components. While the Cr improves hardenability, the V refines the grains, thus promoting secondary hardening. Cleanliness can be easily improved by adding a few simple steps into the melt shop process.   

Bearing parts

Dedicated carbon alloyed grades for bearing parts

Bearing parts

Bearing parts require both a specific hardness after tempering and a high level of hardness. That’s why we developed our high carbon alloyed grades, which are produced using a dedicated melt shop process. 

Safety belts and others

The material of choice for safety belt applications.

Safety belts and others

Our low carbon boron grades not only allow safety belt applications to reach a suitable level of hardness after tempering, they also offer better workability than high and medium carbon grades.

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