Enabling the transportation of people and goods.

Stainless, the material of choice

Many aspects of modern society are premised on having an efficient system for transporting both goods and people. Whether this movement happens by boat, plane, train or automobile, all depend on stainless steel.

Our Key Products

This basic chromium-nickel Austenitic Stainless Steel offers good corrosion resistance, good ductility, and excellent weldability.
This Duplex grade offers excellent corrosion resistance and improved mechanical strength.
An Austenitic Stainless Steel with manganese and nitrogen additions

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Bus & Coaches

Duplex – the material of choice for buses and coaches.

Bus & Coaches

Bus and coach manufacturers demand a versatile material that can provide high-corrosion resistance, excellent elongation and energy absorption, formability and weldability, and exceptional yield strength. That material is Duplex stainless steel, and that’s why more and more bus manufacturers are making the switch from galvanized mild steels to Aperam Duplex DX2202. 


Excellent corrosion resistance and a long service life make stainless steel the perfect solution.


Stainless steel is the perfect solution because it offers corrosion resistance,  an extended warranty period, and a long service life. It is used in the production of exhaust systems and in some protective parts.

Trains & Subways

Enhancing the safety of passenger railcars.

Trains & Subways

With safety being a driving factor in the design of new passenger railcars, it comes as no surprise that more and more manufacturers are choosing austenitic stainless steel. That’s because stainless steel offers several important safety-related benefits, including excellent energy-absorption and resistance to fire and corrosion.

Tanks & Trailers

Redefining truck tanks and trailers.

Tanks & Trailers

With a new generation of high-strength stainless steels, Aperam is redefining truck tanks and trailers. Stainless steel trailers and tanks offer unmatchable efficiency, durability and corrosion resistance. They are also more cost-effective than conventional carbon steel tanks and trailers.

Truck Applications

A heavy duty metal for heavy duty trucks.

Truck Applications

Heavy duty trucks need a heavy duty material. That material is stainless steel. Only stainless steel offers the corrosion and abrasion resistance, long lifespans and easy maintenance that these applications demand. From dump trucks to garbage trucks and fuel tank carries, stainless steel is the material of choice for heavy duty utility trucks.

Minecarts & Wagons

Extending the lifespan of minecarts and mining wagons.

Minecarts & Wagons

Because coal is wet, abrasive and corrosive, it is notorious for wreaking havoc on minecarts. That’s why many mining companies are making the shift to stainless steel minecarts and wagons. Offering excellent corrosion resistance, stainless steel can withstand the wet conditions of a typical coal mine. As a result, stainless steel minecarts outlast – and outperform – carts made from other materials. 

Maritime Transport

A durable material for extreme maritime environments.

Maritime Transport

Stainless steel is used across the maritime sector. From the ships themselves to the LNG tanks, chemical tankers and shipping containers they carry, stainless steel offers the corrosion resistance and high yield strength needed to withstand the most extreme maritime environments. Aperam duplex stainless steels are even being used in the development of new scrubbing devices.

IMO Tanks

Toughness and corrosion resistance – that’s the benefit of stainless.

IMO Tanks

IMO tanks are used to carry non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals and food products. They typically have a steel frame, with the tanks made of stainless steel. All tank containers have an IMO certification, which tells you what liquids can be stored or transported within the container.

The material of choice for buses and coaches

Duplex stainless steels excellent corrosion resistance, elongation and energy absorption properties make it an ideal material for the manufacturing of bus structures. Stalatube, a global leader in the manufacturing of developed stainless steel hollow sections and components, produces square and rectangle section tubes made of Aperam DX2202. For electrical buses, the reduction in weight achieved by using duplex stainless steels helps offset the added weight of the batteries.

Stainless steel concrete mixer truck

Concrete is a highly abrasive material. The wear becomes much worse in wet environments, which causes corrosion. Send it spinning around inside a cement mixer and it’s easy to see why these trucks have a relatively short lifespan. That’s why Aperam helped develop the world’s first stainless steel concrete mixer. The resilient, ultralight concrete mixer offers the mechanical resistance and nominal hardness needed to withstand the combined effects of abrasion and corrosion.

LNG tank in Gibraltar

Aperam is proud to have provided the stainless steel used in the construction of a new, small-scale LNG facility in Gibraltar. The regasification terminal is part of the territory’s transition away from diesel power to cleaner burning LNG. Each of the five cryogenic tanks are 50 m long, 5.8 m in diameter, and have a capacity of 1 million liters. Once online, the 80 megawatt sustainable power plant is expected to lower NOx emissions by 80% and virtually eliminate SOx emissions.


The maritime sector is looking for new ways to reduce sulfur and SOx emissions. One possible solution is the use of a depollution system to treat exhaust gas. For such devices, Aperam’s duplex stainless steels, from the lean Duplex DX2205 to the super duplex DX2507, offer the level of corrosion resistance that this process demands. Moreover, duplex stainless steels’ high mechanical properties help minimize the weight of the equipment.

Garbage truck

In the busy urban areas of Brazil, garbage trucks pick up a lot of trash – keeping the streets clean and the cities sanitary. However, due to the corrosive nature of the waste being collected, over time it begins to eat away at the hopper’s carbon steel floor. As this corrosion increases, so too does the risk for unsanitary and potentially hazardous leakage. A floor made of type 410 increases a hopper’s service life threefold, making sure the garbage stays inside where it belongs.

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