Coils & Sheets

At Aperam, we take pride in having a stainless solution tailor-made for every customer need. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of innovative stainless coils and sheets.

A Complete Range

Our hot- and cold-rolled stainless coils and sheets are available up to 2 meters wide and in a number of grades: austenitics (S300), austenitics containing manganese (S200), duplex, KARA ferritics (S400) and martensitics.

Each of our solutions provides the technical performance, safety in service and economic competitiveness demanded by such industries as automotive, household appliances, food processing, catering, heating, architecture, building and construction, desalination, oil & gas, nuclear, chemical processing and transportation.


Business has never been so simple!

Aperam is committed to ensuring our customers have the materials they demand when and where they need them. That’s why we launched e-aperam, our intuitive, 24/7 online shopping platform. Not only can you place your next order for stainless steels in just three steps, you can also check the material’s mill certificate of quality, invoice and other order-related documents. Get started today!


Available in a Range of Finishes

The construction and interior design sectors demand innovative, durable and aesthetic solutions – and stainless steel fits the bill. To meet this demand, Aperam has a range of engraved, textured and polished stainless steel products. But these textures offer more than just an aesthetic touch. They also enhance the material’s durability, making it the perfect solution for such high-use applications as the inside of an elevator or a subway station.

Available in a Range of Finishes
Available in a Range of Finishes


From energy to health and safety, quality, and the environment, there’s a lot of rules and regulations that must be complied with. On top of this, there’s also a myriad of sector-specific requirements. Whether it be ISO, IATF, PED, CPR, OHSAS or Norsok certification, you can find all our certificates here. 

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A Product
for Every Application

Ready to start working on a tailor-made solution backed by an industry-leading commitment to long-term support? Our experts are standing by and ready to help you choose the right Aperam products for your specific needs.

Our Services


Our global team of stainless experts is ready to help you with everything from choosing the right grade to co-developing a tailored solution.


Our dedicated logistics team prioritizes short lead times and quality of service – including the availability of small quantities.


The quality of our products serves as the benchmark for the stainless steel industry and is reflected in our numerous certifications.


With the support of our stainless steel research center, we continue to develop innovative new products for both existing and new applications.


Our portfolio of products and solutions is as diverse as your needs.


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