Cr-V alloyed

Cr-V alloyed

Cr-V alloyed

P620R, P651H, P653M, P658P, P699L

A Cr and V combination for a refined grain with improved hardenability.


  • Transmission components
  • Saws
Cr-V alloyed


  • Just as reference, SAE J403 and SAE J409 (Chemical composition are according to internal steel database).

Chemical composition

  • Cr and V intentionally added (specified minimum % Cr and % V content)


  • Hot rolled coils and heavy plates: hot rolled surface, unoiled and unpickled
  • Slabs: casted condition without other treatment

Dimensional range

  • Slabs: 200 mm
  • Heavy plates: 16 mm – 38 mm
  • Coils: 2 mm – 12.70 mm

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