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An essential alloy to agribusiness companies.

Stainless, the Material of Choice

With an unmatched resistance to corrosion and wear, stainless steel is the material of choice for agribusiness applications. Whether it be sugar, soy, corn, cocoa, coffee or ethanol, agribusiness companies depend on Aperam’s diverse portfolio of stainless steel solutions to boost the performance of their production chains.

Our Key Products

This very low carbon chromium-nickel Austenitic Stainless Steel offers good corrosion resistance and an aptitude for cold forming.
Our KARA range. A 12% Chromium Ferritic Stainless Steel for welded structures.
Our KARA range. This titanium-stabilised 17% chromium Ferritic Stainless steel has a higher chromium content as our K39M.
Our KARA range. A molybdenum-containing 18% chromium Ferritic Stainless Steel stabilised with titanium and niobium.

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Agricultural & Wear-resistant Equipment

A complete portfolio of stainless steel solutions for agribusiness applications.

Agricultural & Wear-resistant Equipment

Agribusiness applications such as grain processing facilities have long waited for a material capable of preventing corrosion and wear. That wait is finally over. After more than a decade of research, Aperam has launched a complete portfolio of stainless steel solutions designed specifically for agribusiness applications. These applications provide exceptional corrosion resistance, reduce thickness losses and increase expected service life.&n…

Sugar & Alcohol Mills – Intermediate Conveyor Chains

Tripling the lifespan of conveyor chains.

Sugar & Alcohol Mills – Intermediate Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains used in sugar and alcohol processing mills made from 1045 carbon steel have a relatively low lifespan and high maintenance requirements. Stainless steel chains developed by Aperam, on the other hand, offer better corrosion resistance and have proven to increase service life by at least three times. 

Sugar & Alcohol Mills – Carrier Cane Slats

Tripling the lifespan of carrier cane slats.

Sugar & Alcohol Mills – Carrier Cane Slats

Carrier cane slats made from low carbon steel are notorious for having a low lifespan. As a result, the sugar and ethanol segment have been looking for an alternative that can withstand the high level of corrosion and wear that these applications are exposed to. That material is stainless steel. In fact, Aperam’s 310 grade of stainless steel has proven to increase the lifespan of carrier cane slats by threefold. 

Grain Processing & Storage

Increasing the service life of grain processing and storage equipment.

Grain Processing & Storage

Stainless steel is well-suited for many agribusiness applications, including the equipment used for grain processing and storage. Unlike carbon steel, stainless steel can withstand the corrosion and wear that this equipment is subjected too. As a result, stainless steel applications require less maintenance and enjoy a longer service life.  

Coffee Equipment

Increasing the service life of coffee processing equipment.

Coffee Equipment

With stainless steel, coffee processing equipment benefits from an increased service life, better hygiene and low maintenance requirements. It’s also 100% recyclable, thus adding value to the final product. As a result, stainless steel is regularly used in such coffee processing equipment as furnaces, washers, dryers, pulpers, separators and chimneys.  

Stainless steel cane carrier slats

Slats used in cane carriers have traditionally been made from steels with a thickness of around 6.35 mm. However, using stainless steel, and ferritic grade 1.4003 (K03) in particular, enables manufacturers to reduce the gauge to 4.5 mm, with a significant savings in weight. This results in a double advantage: lower lifecycle costs for the materials and lower handling and transport costs for the finished units.

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