The economic advantages and technical merits of ferritic stainless steels are appreciated by a number of market sectors, particularly when cost-saving material substitution is imperative.

The Ferritic Formula, Our
KARA Offer

  • 0.1% carbon, 10.5 to 30% chromium, and 0 to 4% molybdenum
  • Stainless steels are ‘stainless’ because their chromium content gives them remarkable resistance to corrosion. Ferritic grades, which contain only chromium and possibly such elements as Mo, Ti and Nb, are no exception.

    Well-known standard ferritic grades 409 (K09), 410 (K10) and 430 (K30) are used in such applications as washing-machine drums and exhaust systems. More recently-developed ferritic grades, such as 439 (K39) and 441 (K41), meet an even broader range of requirements. They can be formed to more complex shapes and joined using most conventional joining methods, including welding. Thanks to the addition of molybdenum, ferritic grade 444’s (K44) resistance to localised corrosion is at least equal to that offered by austenitic grade 316.

    KARA is Aperam’s Brand of Ferritic Stainless Steels. 

    Unlike other stainless steels, the KARA range doesn’t contain nickel and is thus immune from the erratic price fluctuations of this alloying elements.
    With prices being more stable over time, KARA is an attractive option for projects where cost and economic design are key elements.

Magnetism: A Useful Property

Of the various categories of stainless steels, only the austenitics – which have a high nickel or manganese content – are not magnetic. This property is due solely to a different structure of the iron atoms and is in no way related to corrosion resistance, which is largely dependent on the material’s chromium and molybdenum content.


  • Magnetic
  • Low thermal expansion (ferritics expand less than austenitics when heated)
  • Excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance and high thermal conductivity
  • Stabilized with niobium (K41/K45) for excellent creep resistance
  • Higher yield strength than austenitic type 304


  • Automotive (exhaust system components, decorative trim, car boot sill, headlights, clamps, springs, brake discs, etc.)
  • Building & Construction (roofing, façades, gutters, chimney duct)
  • Lifts (escalator steps, lift panels)
  • Commercial food equipment (bakery oven, gas cooking equipment, coffee server, heated merchandise, conveyor toaster, microwave oven, burner range, refrigerator, trolley, display merchandiser)

Proud to be Magnetic

Our KARA range of ferritic stainless steels is magnetic – and proud of it. This characteristic  proves very useful in such applications as induction cooking, door catches, and storage systems, to name only a few.

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