What is Alloys?

Aperam’s alloys division is comprised of several entities. Although each has their own specialization, they all share the same commitment to providing the innovative, high-performing alloys you need.

The Aperam Alloys family consists of Alloys Imphy, our main entity in Imphy (Nièvre), France, two subsidiaries, Amilly and Rescal, and two joint ventures, Innovative Clad Solutions and the latest: IMPHYTEK Powders.

The concept of ‘precision metallurgy’, more commonly known as alloys, was invented and developed at the Imphy industrial site that now host Aperam Alloys Imphy. Thanks to their exceptional mechanical, thermal and magnetic properties, alloys are used in all types of industries and applications – including high-tech markets. They are particularly well-suited for such processes as stamping, cutting, machining, deep drawing, welding and forging.

Sales agencies

A tailor-made alloy solution for every customer.

A global company with a local presence: with agencies located around the world, our customers benefit from both the might of a large organisation and the responsiveness of a local unit.


A global player in specialty alloys.

Our main entity has been designing, elaborating, and producing nickel and cobalt alloys for over 120 years. Today, Alloys Imphy specializes in producing strip, plates, billet, bars and wire rod. The site is also home to our world-renowned Pierre Chevenard Research Centre (CPRPC), which is dedicated to developing the alloys that will define the applications of tomorrow, including electric vehicles and additive manufacturing.


Your supplier for electrical resistance and thermocouples.

Based in Epone, France, our Alloys Rescal subsidiary is a global leader in producing electrical resistance and thermocouple drawn wire and ribbons. It also has substantial experience in the design and production of various heating elements used in industrial electric furnaces.


Experts in the manufacturing of magnetic parts

Our Amilly subsidiary consist of two plants, one located near Montargis, France and the other in Imhua, China. These two units specialize in transforming magnetic alloys using precision stamping and core manufacturing. They also produce parts made of bonded material. 


The solution for optimizing costs, improving functionality

Based in India, our Innovative Clad Solutions (ICS) joint venture manufacturers and supplies clad products used by all the world’s major electrical OEMs. Our unique clad solutions enable end-users to achieve substantial savings, improved functionality and stronger mechanical properties than what can be achieved using copper, brass or phosphors bronze components – making ICS the material of choice for electrical applications.  

ImphyTek Powders

A  joint venture for nickel and specialty alloy spherical powders

ImphyTek PowdersTM SAS is Aperam’s joint venture with Tekna.   The company combines Aperam’s expertise in nickel and specialty alloys with Tekna’s proprietary wire plasma atomization technology.  Based in Mâcon, Imphytek Powders will market the jointly developed high-quality spherical metal powders to meet the growing needs of additive manufacturing, metal injection molding, thermal spray, and hot isostatic pressing in all industrial segments, serving the most demanding local and global customer specifications.


A Pioneer in HR Management

Imphy’s commitment to innovation and excellence extends to all aspects of its business – and Human Resources is no exception. In fact, Imphy was one of the first to use the Competence Approach (GPEC) for developing the talent and know-how of its employees.

Imphy as the Artist’s Muse

If you’ve ever visited the Paris Museum of Modern Art, you probably remember seeing Raoul Dufy’s fresco masterpiece La Fée Electricité. What you probably don’t know is that the inspiration behind the piece was the Imphy melting shop. Hired to produce a painting depicting the role of electric light, Dufy conducted extensive research on the topic – including a visit to the Imphy steelworks to see its old electric furnace.

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