316C – 1.4432

316C – 1.4432

316C – 1.4432

Similar to our 316B grade, this high molybdenum, low carbon Austenitic Stainless Steel has a 1% lower nickel content and the same minimum molybdenum level of 2.5%.

Main features

Good resistance to corrosion in acidic and chloride containing environments, low sensitivity to stress corrosion cracking in presence of chlorides, excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion (even after welding), very good weldability, well-suited for use in environments with high risk of pitting corrosion.


  • Food and Chemical industries: tanks, tubes, pumps
  • Textile and paper industries
  • Naval engineering
  • Cryogenics
316C – 1.4432


  • ASTM 316C
  • UNS S31603
  • EN 1.4432
  • IMDS ID 336838837

Chemical Composition

Typical values

  • C≤0.03
  • Si=0.40
  • Mn=1.35
  • Cr=16.80
  • Mo=2.60
  • Ni=11.10

Alphanumerical designation X2CrNiMo17-2-3

Dimensional range

Coils, Sheets

  • Thickness: from 0.40 to 1 mm
  • Width: up to 2,000 mm


  • Thickness: from 0.38 to 2.50 mm
  • Diameter: from 15 to 1000 mm

Surface aspects

  • Hot rolled & Cold rolled
  • 1D, 2B, 2R, 2D

According to forms & dimensions.

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