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Châtelet*ChâteletIsberguesStainless FlatDirect Sale
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GenkDirect Sale
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GueugnonDirect Sale
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Timóteo**TimóteoTimóteo Electrical
Timóteo Stainless

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Imphy***Châtelet (strip)ImphyNi Alloys & SpecialtiesDirect Sale
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*Stainless & Electrical Steel Europe + ** Stainless & Electrical Steel South America = Stainless & Electrical Steel
***Alloys & Specialties
****Services & solutions

Aperam Stainless Europe

Aperam’s European facilities produce our full range of stainless steel products. These facilities include two electric arc furnace melt-shops located in Genk and Châtelet, Belgium. The Genk facility includes two electric arc furnaces, argon-oxygen decarburising equipment, ladle refining metallurgy, a slab continuous caster and slab grinders. It also includes a cold rolling mill facility. Meanwhile, the integrated Châtelet facility has a melt-shop and a hot rolling mill. The Châtelet melt-shop includes an electric arc furnace, argon-oxygen decarburising equipment, ladle refining metallurgy, a slab continuous caster and slab grinders.

Our European cold rolling facilities consist of four cold rolling mill plants, located in Belgium (Genk) and France (Gueugnon, Isbergues and Pont-de-Roide). These plants include annealing and pickling lines (with shot blasting and pickling equipment), cold rolling mills, bright annealing lines (Gueugnon and Genk), skin-pass and finishing operations equipment. The Isbergues plant also includes a Direct Roll Anneal and Pickle (“DRAP”) line. Whereas the Genk plant is focused on austenitic steel products, the Gueugnon plant focuses on ferritic products and the Isbergues plant on products dedicated to the automotive market (mainly ferritic steels) and industrial market (mainly austenitic steels). The Pont-de-Roide plant is focused on narrow precision strips.

Recyco, our electric arc furnace recycling facility located in France (Isbergues), recycles dust and sludges with the aim of retrieving stainless steel raw materials and thus reduce waste.

Aperam South America

Aperam is the only integrated producer of flat stainless and electrical steel in South America. Our integrated production facility in Timóteo, Brazil produces a wide range of stainless and electrical steel, along with special carbon products, which account for approximately 33% of the Stainless & Electrical Steel operating segment’s total shipments.

The Timóteo integrated production facility includes two blast furnaces, one melting shop area (including two electrical furnaces, two converters and two continuous casting machines), one hot rolling mill (including one walking beam and one pusher furnace with one rougher mill and one steckel mill), a stainless cold rolling shop (including one hot annealing and pickling line, two cold annealing and pickling lines, one cold preparation line, three cold rolling mills and four batch annealing furnaces) and an electrical steel cold rolling shop (including one hot annealing and pickling line, two tandem annealing lines, one decarburising line, one thermo-flattening and carlite coating line, one cold rolling mill and 20 batch annealing furnaces).

Alloys & Specialties

Aperam’s Alloys & Specialties integrated production facility, located in Imphy, France, includes a melt-shop and wire rod and cold rolling facilities. The melt-shop is designed to produce specialty grades and includes one electric arc furnace, two induction furnaces with two vacuum oxygen decarburisation ladles, a ladle furnace, one vacuum induction melting furnace, two vacuum arc re-melting furnaces and one electroslag remelting furnace. The melt shop is also equipped with ingot casting facilities and a continuous billet caster.

Our wire rod mill specialises in the production of nickel alloys and has the ability to process a wide range of grades, including stainless steel. It includes a blooming mill, billet grinding, a hot rolling mill with a 35,000 tonnes capacity, and finishing lines. We also own downstream nickel alloy and specialty assets, including: Aperam Alloys Rescal S.A.S., a wire drawing facility located in Epóne, France; Aperam Alloys Amilly, an electrical components manufacturer located in Amilly, France; and Imhua Special Metals, a transformation subsidiary in Foshan, China.

Aperam Alloys & Specialties holds a majority stake in Innovative Clad Solutions, a production facility for industrial clads, located in Indore, India.

Aperam Alloys Amilly (Components)

2 transformation subsidiaries based in France and the south of China, to serve local markets. The activity is dedicated to the transformation of magnetic alloys through precision stamping and core manufacturing as well as parts made of bonded material.

Aperam Alloys Rescal

A transformation unit, near Paris, specialized in the drawing and rolling of resistance and thermocouple alloys, with a large choice of grades and dimensions.

Innovative Clad Solutions

This unit, based in the industrial state of Madhya Pradesh, India, was created in 2008 to provide world class product design and manufacturing in the field of clad metals.
Châtelet, Belgium
- Melt shop and hot rolling mill
- Capacity: Slabs 1,000 kt / HSM 2,800 kt
Genk, Belgium
- Melt shop, cold rolling mill and finishing
- Capacity: Slabs 1,000 kt / Cold rolling 700 kt / up to 2 m wide / 316 & Duplex grades
Gueugnon, France
- Cold rolling mill and finishing
- Capacity: Finished 400 kt / Bright Annealing (BA) & stabilised ferritics
Isbergues, France
- Cold rolling mill and finishing
- Capacity: Finish 350 kt / LC2i integrated line
Timóteo, Brazil
- Melt shop and finishing
- Capacity*: Slabs 900 kt / Stainless finished 350 kt /
Electrical CR: Grain Oriented 60 kt / Non Grain Oriented 170 kt
Special Carbon Steels 200 kt
* some lines are flexibly used for different products
Imphy, France
- Melt shop and finishing
- Capacity: Electric Arc Furnace 60 kt / 1 Vacuum Induction Melting furnace / 2 Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnaces
Rotary continuous caster for long products / Wire hot rolling mill 40 kt / 6 Cold rolling mills