Production Sites &

Transformation Facilities

Our European facilities produce the full range of our stainless steel products. 
We have two melt shops in Belgium, located in Genk and Châtelet. The Genk facility includes two electric arc furnaces, argon-oxygen decarburization equipment, ladle refining metallurgy, a slab continuous caster and slab grinders. It also includes a cold rolling mill facility. The Châtelet location is an integrated facility with a meltshop and a hot rolling mill. The Châtelet melt shop includes an electric arc furnace, argon-oxygen decarburization equipment, ladle furnaces refining metallurgy, a slab continuous caster and slab grinders. Our cold rolling facilities in Europe consist of four cold rolling mill plants, located in Belgium (Genk) and France (Gueugnon, Isbergues and Pont-de-Roide).

We are the only producer of flat stainless and electrical steel in South America. Our integrated production facility in Timóteo, Brazil, produces a wide range of stainless, electrical steel and special carbon products.

A Global Player.
An Environnemental

Not only is Aperam a global player in the stainless, electrical and specialty steel markets, we’re also a global leader in environmental sustainability.


million tonnes of flat stainless and electrical steel capacity in Brazil and Europe


production facilities located in Brazil, Belgium and France. Highly integrated distribution, processing and services network.


tons of CO2 per ton of slabs: the world's lowest carbon footprint in the sector

Stainless & Electrical Steel

2.5 mt production capacity
1.639 mt of gross shipments*
74 % adj EBITDA contribution 2020*

One of the largest global producers of stainless steel**

  • 2 electric arc furnaces use scrap as major input material
  • Stainless steel flat product output
South America
  • 2 blast furnaces use iron ore and charcoal produced from own forests
  • 2 electric arc furnaces use recycled scrap
  • Stainless flat products & electrical steel

* Gross shipments and EBITDA are before eliminations
** By production capacity

Services & Solutions

646 kt of gross shipments*
12 % adj EBITDA contribution 2020*

Aperam sells and distributes its products through our Services & Solutions segment. Through further processing, this segment also provides value added and customized steel solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Services & Solutions’ core activities:

  • Direct sales of Aperam products to end-users
  • Distribution of Aperam and third-party material
  • Transformation services, according to specific customer requirements

* Gross shipments and EBITDA are before eliminations

Alloys & Specialties

40 kt production capacity
31 kt of gross shipments*
14 % adj EBITDA contribution 2020*
  • Fourth largest producer of nickel alloys globally
  • Aperam specializes in nickel alloys and specific stainless steels
  • Our products take the form of bars, semis, cold-rolled strips, wire and wire rods, and plates, and are offered in a wide range of grades
  • High value items that are often sold on a kg basis

* Gross shipments and EBITDA are before eliminations

Our Main Plants


Melt shop and hot rolling mill

  • Slabs 1,000 kt
  • HSM 2,800 kt


Melt shop, cold rolling mill and finishing

  • Slabs 1,000 kt
  • Cold rolling 700 kt
  • Up to 2 m wide
  • 316 & Duplex grades


Cold rolling mill and finishing

  • Finished 400 kt
  • Bright Annealing (BA) & stabilised ferritics


Cold rolling mill and finishing

  • Finished 350 kt
  • LC2i integrated line


Melt shop and finishing

  • Slabs 900 kt
  • Stainless finished 350 kt
  • Electrical CR: Grain Oriented 60 kt / Non Grain Oriented 170 kt
  • Special Carbon Steels 200 kt

* Some lines are flexibly used for different products


Melt shop and finishing Capacity:

  • Electric arc furnace 60 kt
  • Vacuum induction melting furnace
  • 2 Vacuum arc remelting furnaces
  • Rotary continuous caster for long products
  • Wire hot rolling mill 40 kt
  • 6 Cold rolling mills

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