For over 120 years, Aperam’s Imphy plant has specialised in the design, elaboration and production of nickel and cobalt alloys, as well as certain specific stainless steels.
New alloys are regularly being developed. Imphy’s high-performance materials answer today’s most demanding requirements and continue to evolve to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our customers are our partners, and as such, all of Aperam’s teams put their professionalism at your disposal to ensure optimum use of our products adapted to your requirements. We can also offer you turnkey solutions, either with our industrial subsidiaries or with partner companies, particularly in terms of numerical modeling.

INVAR M93, the cryogenic alloy taylor-made for gas transport flat membranes

Aperam has developed a unique solution for the tanks used to transport liquid natural gas (LNG) by ship. In fact, our INVAR cryogenic alloy was designed specifically for LNG carrier tanks. this technology can also be used in the technology “gas for tanks”

PERMIMPHY, a magnetic alloy for shielding applications

Have you heard about PERMIMPHY? It’s Aperam’s nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy for shielding. Offering such characteristics as high permeability, stress resistant, and very low magnetic loss, it’s the material of choice for shielding rooms, current sensors, transformers, and the cores of earth leakage circuit breakers – to name just a few of its shielding applications.


A patented solution used in continuous variable transmission belt , where mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, formability and weldability are necessary to ensure the requested long lifespan, and the pleasure of a smooth driving.

Imphy e-mobility

The electrical vehicle revolution is well under way. From components to motors, every part of the vehicle is becomingly increasingly electric. Aperam Alloys are at the cutting edge of many of these components, helping to improve their efficiency, reducing size, and expanding lifespan. Our IMPHY AFKs (Iron Cobalt alloys range) are widely used in electric motors, actuators and electrical systems and offer the highest magnetic properties and help optimize performance.

IMPHY SUPRA 50 for ventilators

Aperam Alloys Imphy supports Healthcare against Covid-19. Our grade IMPHY SUPRA 50 is used for the motor providing Positive Expiratory Pressure, which creates pressure in the lungs and keeps airways from closing, while the pneumatic module creates inspiratory pressure.

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Thanks to the close cooperation between our technical and marketing teams, Aperam can offer a technically adapted and economically viable solution.


Backed by over 120 years of experience, our research centre is dedicated to innovation, turning ideas into new grades or clever solutions.


As partners in innovation, our customers benefit from our know-how and regularly involve us in their own product developments.


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