Top Line Strategy

Our Top Line strategy is based on commercial projects. Its objective is to develop Aperam’s most profitable products, segments, clients and geographical areas and continue to build a quality service offering for our customers. Within the Top Line strategy, a specific focus is allocated to developing innovative products that will allow us to have a strong presence in important niche markets, as well as achieve attractive margins.

Driving the future with sustainable innovation

Today’s global environmental challenges can only be addressed with global solutions coming from all sectors and industries – and stainless steel is no exception.

Aperam takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Our mission is to create a range of energy-efficient stainless steel products and processes that have a positive impact on our environment. As stainless steel offers such benefits as endless recyclability, durability and mechanical resistance, it is well-positioned to serve as the key fabric for weaving the tapestry of a sustainable society.

As a global leader in energy-efficient stainless steel applications, immense opportunities are at hand.

MaX: Ultra-High Strength Stainless Steel for Lightweight Automotive Applications

A Pre-coated stainless steel for PEMFC bipolar plates


GoCore is the name of Aperam South America's grain oriented and super-oriented steels line, produced with low temperature technology. The expression "Go" comes from the English "go" and represents the idea of movement, advancement, the intention of new paths. "Core" is related to core, central and fundamental part of the product in which the steel will be applied. The logo still carries the symbol of "power", present in equipment and machines and refers to the concept of energy.

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Concentrated Solar Power

With the shift towards renewable energy, the question becomes how to best take advantage of an accessible and unlimited source of energy. This question has led researchers to look towards thermal energy sources, including solar panels, photovoltaic panels and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). This latter technology seems to be a very effective and economically viable solution and, as such, is already being used in solar fields in the United States, Morocco and Spain.

CSP technologies use lenses to focus the sun’s energy onto produce heat (steam), which is then converted into electricity. Heat storage allows one to continue to generate power ­and remain productive ­- even after sunset. A glass­to­metal device, having a Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) matching borosilicate glass and ceramics, is sealed to the solar receiver’s glass cylinder, thus allowing for the transfer of fluids.

To answer this system’s metal and glass sealing requirements, DILVER® is a dedicated grade (FeNi29Co17) perfectly fitted to the requirements of CSP, ­thus opening the door to a solar-­fueled future.

Alloys and Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing technologies, also known as 3D printing, will enable many industries to speed up or even revolutionise their production processes in the future. For Additive Manufacturing technologies, bridging the gap between laboratory or small series production and a broad and a cost effective deployment will require an improvement of existing knowledge and skills, as well as innovation in raw materials and parts designs.

Thanks to its highly experienced R&D and Product Development teams, Aperam Alloys and Specialties is at the forefront of the progress for these rapidly emerging technologies, developing a wide range of dedicated alloys and solutions.

More Electric Aircraft

Given the need to become more sustainable and efficient, increasing the contribution of electricity to the operation of an aircraft is one of the major objectives of the aviation industrial. Electrification offers air transport a range of advantages, such as optimising aircraft performance and decreasing operating and maintenance costs. It can also help reduce aircraft emissions, thus helping to solve the challenge of climate change.

However, before such changes can take place, we will first need to solve such challenges as the amount of required power or the processing and management of this power. Thanks to its established leadership in special magnetic alloys, the Aperam Alloys & Specialties R&D team is developing new alloys for on-board generators, power electronics and sensors that will contribute to more electric aircraft.

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