Thermocouple Type K

Thermocouple Type K

Thermocouple Type K

Type K is the most commonly used thermocouple for measuring high temperatures, providing the widest operating temperature range from – 200 ° to + 1260 °C.


  • It usually works in most applications, which include industrial heat treatments, processing operations, precision laboratory and research work, and some of the most demanding applications from nuclear reactors and submarines, to jet aircraft engines.
Thermocouple Type K


Chemical Composition

KP: Ni90 Cr10 Mn+ Si+
KN: Ni94 Cu2,20 Al+ Mn+ Si+




These data are indicative values and correspond to our standard product. Different specific requirements are subject to discussion and formal approval by Aperam Alloys Imphy. For further information or special request, please contact us.


  • Bar
  • Cold rolled strip
  • Drawn & Flat wire
  • Wire rod






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Thermocouple type K
ISO 14001 - AA Rescal
ISO 45001 - AA Rescal

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