GO – High Permeability

GO – High Permeability

GO – High Permeability & Description

Grain Oriented Electrical Steels are the best choice for transformers, due to outstanding magnetic properties in the rolling direction. HGO grades present lower losses and higher magnetic induction when compared to regular grades (RGO)


Main features

Product range: H095-27 / H100-27 / H110-27 / H100-30 / H105-30 / H110-30 / H120-30 / H115/-35 / H125-35 / H135-35


  • Transformers (Power, Distribution, Oil Filled, Dry Type, etc.)
GO – High Permeability

Dimensional range

  • Thickness (mm): 0.27 / 0.30 / 0.35

Insulation coatings

  • H5 (ASTM C5 over C2)

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