498A – 1.4116

498A – 1.4116

A 14% chromium Martensitic Stainless Steel with 0.45% C content. This grade is characterised by its ability to be hardened by heat treatment.


  • Blades for knives and various utensils for food preparation, special for professional use
  • Blades for industrial equipment
  • Cutting tools
  • Mechanical parts and other tools


  • EN 1.4116

Chemical composition

Typical values

  • C=0.45 
  • Si=0.43
  • Mn=0.37
  • Cr=14.3
  • P=0.03
  • S=0.001
  • Mo=0.50
  • V=0.1

Dimensional range

Coils & Sheets

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