Aperam is committed to applying the best-practice standards in corporate governance, in its dealings with shareholders and with respect to transparency and quality of disclosure and reporting. Shareholder rights and investor dialogue are key pillars of the Company’s corporate governance framework. In addition, the Company aims to take the interests of all its stakeholders into account through a corporate responsibility framework and by engaging with all its stakeholders on a regular basis. Aperam continually monitors legal requirements and best practices to make improvements to its corporate governance standards and procedures when necessary. The Company complies with the Ten Principles of Corporate Governance of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange which constitute Aperam’s domestic corporate governance code.

Board Committees

The Board of Directors has two committees, including the Audit and Risk Management Committee and the Remuneration, Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee The Board of Directors' Audit and Risk Management Committee and Remuneration, Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee are each comprised exclusively of independent directors.


Equity Incentives Plans

The first shareholders' meeting after the creation of Aperam of July 12, 2011 approved equity based incentives. The plan comprises a Restricted Share Unit Plan ("RSU Plan") and a Performance Share Unit Plan ("PSU Plan") designed to incentivise employees, improve the Group's long-term performance and retain key employees.


Share Transactions by Management

In compliance with laws prohibiting insider dealing, the board of directors of Aperam has adopted insider dealing regulations, which apply throughout the Aperam group in every geographical location where Aperam employees are based.



Aperam’s Board of Directors receives a fixed remuneration approved every year by the annual general meeting of shareholders. Aperam’s senior managers remuneration policy aims to achieve a financially responsible balance between attractive fixed salaries, equity-based incentives and performance-related bonuses.


Risk Management and Audit

Aperam takes its responsibilities to shareholders, employees and the wider communities in which it works extremely seriously, and has measures in place to ensure compliance with regulations and best practice regarding internal control, risk management, audit and whistle-blowing.



Shareholding Structure

The Shareholding Structure presents on a monthly basis information with respect to the beneficial ownership and voting rights of Aperam shares by each person who is known to be the beneficial owner of more than 5% Aperam's issued share capital.



In a global organisation like Aperam it is most important to ensure that all employees are at all times fully aware and aligned with the Corporate Governance and Compliance framework and that a zero tolerance for non-compliant behaviours is achieved.



Reporting of concerns regarding fraud, accounting and auditing matters at Aperam.


Corporate Policies

Aperam has key corporate policies in place in line with best corporate governance standards and is continuously improving them whenever required. In addition to these policies, Aperam has internal company procedures to support implementation of management objectives.

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