Business Ethics & Compliance

Compliance with the strongest Business Ethics and the best standards in Governance 

In a global organisation like Aperam, it is essential that all employees are fully aware and aligned with the company's Corporate Governance and Compliance framework and that a zero tolerance for non-­compliant behaviour is achieved.

Aperam invests a lot of efforts in making sure all of its numerous policies are well understood, from insider dealing (HERE) to anti-­trust, economic sanctions, conflict of interest and anti-discrimination (see below). To achieve this, we use a network of champions who spread the word from the top management down to the shop-floor.

But beyond regulations, Aperam's compliance programme also ensures that our ethics are well understood, are based on our Code of Conduct (HERE) and are applied at all times.

A structured approach

Aperam aims to continuously improve its Corporate Governance and Compliance framework in line with the industry's best standards. To do so, a strong approach has been built. Based on a solid company alignment, it uses four pillars - Communications, Training, Expertise and Continuous improvement - to sustain the Behaviours that we want at Aperam.

Using this approach, we can establish a culture of sustainable Business Ethics and Compliance.

Policies based on international standards 

Our Company policies, available on our website, were inspired by such international references as:

> International Labour Office
> United Nations Human Rights Charter
> United Nations Global Compact
> United Nations Convention Against Corruption
> OECD Guidelines for Multinationals 
> ISO standards (Quality, Energy, etc) 
> SA 8000