Who we are

We are a global player in stainless steel with 2.5mt of flat stainless steel capacity in Europe and Brazil. The Company is also a leading producer of high value-added specialty products, including electrical steel and nickel alloys.

We are a leading global Stainless and Specialty Steel producer: a leader in South America and the second largest in Europe. We are also a leading manufacturer of high value added specialty products, including electrical steels and nickel alloys. From machinery to cutlery, we are proud to be the manufacturer behind an array of products that last a lifetime and offer our industrial customers and end users both strength and versatility. With this pride, together with our values of Leadership, Ingenuity and Agility, we aim to reshape the future of our industry, position our products as solutions to global challenges,  and  act  as  a  catalyst  for  change.

Safety will always remain our first duty to our People. To monitor our health and safety programs, the company uses as main indicator the "Lost Time Injury Frequency rate", or "LTIF", a key metric which measures the time lost due to injuries per 1,000,000 worked hours. In 2016, LTIF rate was 1.4 compared to 1.0 last year. But beyond a healthy staff, what we want is an efficient and motivated team to develop, thrive and innovate for Aperam. With this aim, training and career development programs are continuously improved over the years and we promote proximity and team spirit.

From an environmental perspective, where many challenges lie for an energy-­intensive industry, Aperam is up to its responsibilities. Firstly, we are proud of our unique capability to produce charcoal-­based biomass to use in our production instead of extractive coke. Also, while we look into all solutions to reduce the energy consumption of our manufacturing process, we also procure intelligent steel solutions to our customers to assist them in developing energy­-efficiency end-­products. Lastly, as a producer of 100% recyclable products, it is only logical that we promote the circular economy. And so we do, primarily through an extensive usage of scraps ranking our steels among the best, in terms of carbon footprint, also through our fully-­owned Recyco subsidiary which recovers metallic contents from melting shop dusts, and eventually through our zero­-waste objective (for landfill).


Discover Aperam

Aperam is a public limited company listed on the Luxembourg stock exchange and on Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

We manage our business according to three primary operating segments:

> Stainless & Electrical Steel: We are a leading global producers of stainless steel by production capacity. We produce a wide range of stainless and electrical steels (both Grain Oriented and Non­Grain Oriented) and continuously expand our product offerings by developing new and higher grades of stainless steel and electrical steel.

> Services & Solutions: Our Services & Solutions segment, which includes our tubes business, performs three core activities: (i) the management of exclusive, direct sales of stainless steel products from our production facilities, primarily those located in Europe; (ii) distribution of our products and, to a much lesser extent, external suppliers' products; and (iii) transformation services, which include the provision of value added and customised steel solutions through further processing to meet specific customer requirements.

> Alloys & Specialties: Our Alloys & Specialties segment is the fourth largest producer of nickel alloys in the world. We are specialised in the design, production and transformation of various nickel alloys and certain specific stainless steels


Our Vision

A sustainable safe and sustainable profitable company constantly striving for excellence in its stainless and specialty steel solutions for its customers

Our Values


A leading company is bold, audacious, daring, and sustainable. A catalyst is not a pioneer in everything it does. It is about being bolder and audacious in our approach while remaining relevant to the marketplace. We are a stable driving force which encourages the development of new standards in the industry. We promote sustainable solutions.
> This value is echoed not only in the way we drive change within our industry, but also in how we challenge and develop our employees. With leadership, we think long­term, we think accountability ­ to both our people and the communities we are part of. This can be seen in our approach to Health & Safety, Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability.


An agile company is fast, adaptable, and flexible. Being agile is about moving faster and adapting to the changing market conditions with more ease. It is also about being flexible according to specific customer requirements, whether in terms of cost efficiency, lead time or product characteristics.
> It is because of our agility that financial analysts credited us with a three­notch increase within a single year ­ one of the fastest credit rating improvements ever. Looking ahead, we are confident that our agility will be further demonstrated by the ability of our leaders and our talent to embrace opportunity and to quickly address any risk that comes our way.


An ingenious company is clever, skilful, imaginative, and innovative. Ingenious is about thinking laterally, not literally. Our people are passionate and always keen to share their knowledge and skills. Sometimes this means developing new ideas or applications; other times it implies seeing things differently, with new eyes to find the appropriate solution without compromising quality.
> And so this characteristic of ingenuity is bred and stimulated within all our staff. Our engineers' skills and imagination have led to an array of innovative, energy­efficient steel solutions for our customers. But ingenuity can even be found across our administrative and managerial staff: from managers to communication, legal and finance: ingenuity ­and innovation­ is everywhere.