The EVP* Brand (we + do)

We adopted the logo (we + do) to symbolize our commitment to our people. This logo represents our commitment to developing - and maintaining - a work environment that promotes the motivation and engagement of our employees.

The parentheses "()" symbolizes the proximity between the workers themselves and between the workers and the managerial body. It reflects the importance of human relations in our management approach and the preference for closeness between people.

The "+" sign means the Company and the employee are taking joint actions. Thanks to these joint efforts, we can create a favourable working environment. It also reminds us that teamwork is the Aperam Way to achieve results.

The words "we do" refer to the fact that nothing is obtained without effort, and also reflects our desire to make things happen.  

(we + do) is a continuous and collective process.

*Proposal Project for Valuing Employees