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Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Poland is a leading supplier of flat stainless products. Thanks to a highly integrated network, we provide a full variety of products, including martensitic, ferritic, austenitic, austenitic-molybdenum, austenitic-manganeze, heat resisting, duplex grades and nickel Alloys. From our 15,000 m² warehouse centre, we have the equipment and machinery to offer coils lengthways cutting, sheets cutting and various grinding, polishing and other special surface finishes (HRAP, 1D, 2D, 2B, 2E, 2R/BA, Uginox Linen, Leather). As a reliable partner, we have implemented the Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000 in terms of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and social accountability, and are certified by TÜV Rheinland and Dekra.

Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Poland 
Ul. Henryka Krupanka 97
41 - 103 Siemianowice Śląskie
T: +48 32 76 36 100
E: siemianowice@aperam.com

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Sebastian Olesiński
Sales Director
Sebastian Olesiński

Łukasz Marcinek
Automotive Manager
Lukasz Marcinek

Michał Świerkosz
Key Account Manager - Chimney
Michał Świerkosz

Rafał Szmyracha
Technical Customer Support
Rafał Szmyracha


Agnieszka Kuna
Sales Specialist - White Goods
Agnieszka Kuna

South of Poland

Liliana Cząstkiewicz
Area Sales Manager
Liliana Czastkiewicz
Eastern Europe

Joanna Gancarczyk
Sales - Export
Joanna Gancarczyk


Grade designations
Chemical Compositions
Mechanical properties
Aperam 304 (18-9E)304S304001.43010.0500.401.1018.20 8.05 63031054
Aperam 304ED (18-9DDQ)304S304001.43010.0450.401.1018.20 9.10 61027057
Aperam 304L (18-9L)304LS304031.43070.0250.401.4018.20 8.05 63031054
Aperam 316L (18-11ML)316LS316031.44040.0250.401.2018.202.1010.10 61030052
Aperam 321 (18-10T)321S321001.45410.0250.401.1017.15 9.10Ti=0.3062029052
K09X409S409001.45120.0100.450.3011.30  Ti=0.190, N=0.010=0.190>44026033
K30430S430001.40160.0400.350.3016.50   50033027
K39M430TiS430361.45100.0200.400.316.50  Ti=0.4046030030
K41441 (1)S43932/S439401.45090.0150.600.3017.80  Ti+Nb=0.6549032030
K41X441 (1)S439321.45090.0150.600.3017.80  N=0.015, Ti+Nb=0.6549032030
K44444S444001.45210.0150.500.3017.701.85 Ti+Nb=0.4553037028
Aperam 309 (R20-12)  1.48280.0501.601.3519.30 11.40 63029054

(1) Common designation

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Slitting Line
Blanking Line
Polishing Line
Cutting Line
Cutting Line 2
Thickness (mm)0.3 - 4.00.4 - 3.0 0.8 - 3.00.4 - 3.52.0 - 15.0
Width (mm)28 - 1650100 - 600400 - 1500400 - 1600500 - 2100
Length (mm) 300 - 60001000 - 4000400 - 8000500 - 14000
Capacity (t)Max 60 / shiftMax 10 / shiftMax 7.5 / shiftMax 50 / shiftMax 50 / shift
FinishFoil, paperFoil, paperFoilFoil, paperFoil, paper

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Surface aspects
HRHRAPHot-rolled, annealed and pickledN°11D
DIN embossedHot-rolled with embossed DIN tear-plate pattern, annealed and pickled 1M
CR annealedHRCCold-rolled, rough, matt 2E
2DCold-rolled, annealed and pickled, not skinpassed2D2D
2BCold-rolled, annealed, pickled and skinpassed2B2B
2RCold-rolled, bright annealed and skinpassedBA2R
N°6 / P240DN°6 polished / Dry polished with 240-grit abrasive belts  2G
N°7 / P320DN°7 polished / Dry polished with 320-grit abrasive belts  2G
Scotch BriteLightly brushed with wire rolls 2J
Uginox PatinaSurface coated with a continuous layer of tin in accordance with standard NFA 36332 2S
Uginox TopMatt low-reflectance finish obtained by cold rolling with special rolls2D2F
CR work hardenedUginox LeatherEtched textured finish obtained by cold rolling with special rolls 2M
CR annealedUginox LinenEtched linen finish obtained by cold rolling with special rolls, followed by a final anneal 2M

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Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Poland holds the Management System Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000 for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Social Accountability granted by DEKRA and TÜV Rheinland certification units. 

ISO 9001 Poland

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

  • Issued by Dekra
  • Date of grant: 09 February 2018
  • Expiration date: 08 February 2021
  • Download
Certificate IATF

Certificate IATF 16949:2016

  • Issued by: Dekra
  • Date of grant: 09 February 2018
  • Expiration date: 08 February 2021
  • Download

Certificate ISO 14001:2015

  • Issued by Dekra
  • Date of grant: 30 December 2017
  • Expiration date: 29 December 2020
  • Download 

Integrated Management System Policy

Certificate OHSAS

Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007

  • Issued by Dekra
  • Date of grant: 30 December 2017
  • Expiration date: 29 December 2020
  • Download 
Social Accountability Policy

Social Accountability Policy

  • Date of issue: 01 September 2017
  • Download
Certificate SA

Certificate SA 8000:2014

  • Issued by: TÜV Rheinland
  • Date of grant: 16 may 2020
  • Expiration date: 10 may 2023
  • Download EN Version / PL Version
Code of Conduct of Social Accountability for Suppliers

Code of Conduct of Social Accountability for Suppliers

  • Date of issue: 01 February 2017
  • Download
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