Aperam Alloys Imphy is working in Russia and CIS through representative office located in the capital of Russia in Moscow. The main task is marketing, the search of new customers, who are interested in new advanced materials, establishing of contact between them and specialists of Aperam. Important is to support available contacts and develop new ones for mutual benefit of each side. Quality, service and technical support is what we can offer. Technical support is realized by our R&D Centre.
Aperam Alloys Imphy, Russia handles all aspects of sales beginning from your Request For Quotation to delivery of your order to your place.
We provide alloys solutions tailored to the needs of our customers with a wide range of grades and forms. Quality, service and technical support is fully part of our offer.
Thanks to our mill source, we can provide material produced according to customer specification. In several cases we were ready to smelt steel according to GOST. In general there is more than one hundred grades we are able to produce.
We serve high tech markets, such as Electronics, Electrical engineering, Etc.
We are working with local steel trading companies who can sell our material in small quantities from their stocks.
Prospects for collaboration with oil and gas, airspace and car industries are available.
Today, as a result of aiming for production of high-technology materials, Aperam Alloys Imphy takes stable position in Russia.


Georgy Miropolski
Country Manager

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