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Our soft magnetic alloys combine a range of different properties, including Ni-Fe alloys with very high permeability and low coercivity (PERMIMPHY), Ni-Fe alloys with high permeability and high saturation induction (IMPHY SUPRA 50), Co-Fe alloys with very high saturation induction (IMPHY AFK), and Ni-Fe temperature compensating alloys (PHYTHERM).
IMPHY SUPRA 50 is a FeNi soft magnetic alloy with saturation induction and high permeability. The high performance level and the chemical purity make this alloy particularly suitable for applications requiring high sensitivity and great accurary. ...
IMPHY SUPRA 40 is an iron-nickel soft magnetic alloys. IMPHY SUPRA 40 offers a  maximum saturation induction and high permeability with very good stampability.
PERMIMPHY is a 80% Nickel soft magnetic alloys. This cristallyne alloys has a very high permeability, the lowest magnetic losses and is stress resistant.  PERMIMPHY for Wafer fab  production equipment shielding ?     learn more  
PERMIMPHY B is a nickel-iron soft magnetic. This alloy is suitable for laminations used for recording head cores.  
PERMIMPHY LS is a FeNi soft magnetic. This alloy offers  low decreasing magnetic properties under mechanical stress.  
PERMIMPHY T is nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy. It shows very high permeability and high purity dedicated to cores  
IMPHY AFK 1 is an iron-cobalt soft magnetic alloy with very high saturation induction and high ductility.    
IMPHY AFK 18E is an iron-cobalt soft magnetic with very high saturation induction, High electrical resistivity and Magnetostriction λs = 25 ppm.      
IMPHY AFK 502 is an Iron Co soft magnetic alloys. It shows exceptional properties including A very high saturation induction, A high resistivity Low loss and low coercitive field.  
IMPHY AFK 502 FP is a  unique product.  Indeed ir combines  both magnetic and mechanical properties.  IMPHY AFK 502 FP is a patented product.  
PHYTHERM 260 is suitable for cookware for induction cooking. The maximum working temperature is controlled by an adapted ferromagnetic alloy with a specific Curie point. Thanks to PHYTHERM 260, the magnetic base stops getting hotter once the Curie...
INVAR M is an iron-nickel soft magnetic alloy with high permeability and with good resistivity  
PHYTHERM 55 is an iron-nickel soft magnetic alloy  
SATIMPHY is an iron-nickel soft magnetic. This alloy is suitable for tape wound cores used in residual current devices, and transformers.  
CRYOPHY is nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy suitable for magnetic shieldings at cryogenic temperature (typically 4K). It is a patented grade.  

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