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Our maraging steels offer a range of beneficial properties: ductility, good fatigue life, including a very high yield strength, that make them ideal for use with a variety of applications.
DURIMPHY is a 250 KSI tensile strength (kilo-pound per square inch) maraging steel. In addition to having a very high yield strength, it offers a range of complementary properties, good formability and weldability, hardening by heat treatment with...
PHYNOX is an austenitic alloy strengthened by cold work and capable of additional hardening by aging at a moderate temperature (around 500°C), and also offers a range of physical and technological properties, valuable in many high tech applications.
PHYTIME is a 300 KSI tensile strength (kilo-pound per square inch) martensitic alloy ideal for hardening by ageing heat treatment. Its very outstanding mechanical and metallurgical properties make it particularly suitable when resistance to fatigu...

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