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IMPHY 718 is an age-hardenable Nickel Chromium Alloy with a significant amount of Fe, Nb and Mo and containing lesser amounts of Al and Ti. This alloy combines excellent high strength up to 700°C with good corrosion resistance and excellent weldab...
With special chemical composition and cleanliness, IMPHY 625 AM is dedicated to the Additive manufacturing requirement.
The grade IMPHY 718 is available with variations in chemical composition. Please contact us.  
With special chemical composition and cleanliness, IMPHY 718 AM is dedicated to the Additive manufacturing requirement.
IMPHY 600 is a Nickel Chomium Iron alloy with good oxidation resistance at high temperatures and corrosion resistance to chloride ion stress-corrosion cracking. It also has a good caustic corrosion resistance.  
IMPHY 601 is a Nickel Chromium Iron alloy with an addition of Al designed for applications requiring exceptional resistance to oxidation and other forms of high temperature corrosion. It also has high mechanical properties at high temperature (up ...
IMPHY N99 has a good mechanical properties within a wide range of temperatures. IMPHY N99 has also a good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties.  
IMPHY 617 is used for its high temperature strength up to 950 °C. Excellent resistance to a wide range of high temperature corrosive environments.  
IMPHY 286 is recommended for any application at high temperature when a high mechanical behaviour is required. Very high strength properties and creep resistance at temperature to about 700°C after aging treatment due to Ti additions. Especial res...
The grades IMPHY GILPHY are available in various chemical compositions. Please contact us  
RESISTOHM 80 gives extraordinary performances at temperatures up to 1200°C and will be operational at those high temperatures under the most exacting conditions.
This is an excellent choice for heating elements operating at a temperature up to 1100°C.
RESISTOHM 135 is a ferritic alloy of the FeCrAl family, which can be used as heating element of resistance up to 1200°C.
RESISTOHM 125 is a ferritic alloy of the FeCrAl family, which can be used at temperatures up to 1200°C.
RESISTOHM 200 /200 T has very good characteristics of malleability and solderability. Moreover it has an excellent resistance to corrosion.
RESISTOHM 201 is used for replacement of Nickel 200 when very high qualities of malleability are required.
This nuance of nickel preserves all the particularities of pure nickel but has been light strenghtened with an addition of manganese.
Physical and electrical characteristics of Resistohm® 40CB and Resistohm® 40 are similar, except that Resistohm® 40CB benefits from a specific addition of Columbium (1%).
Its high temperature coefficient allows it a speeder rise in temperature than the other NiCr.
Its high chromium percentage (30%) gives RESISTOHM 70 a very good life time in the furnace applications. Elements in RESISTOHM 70 have also a satisfactory life time when operating atmosphere is alternatively oxidizing and reducting.
RESISTOHM 20 is placed at the limit between heat resistant alloys and stainless steels. It can be used for heating elements at low temperature, or as cold connections of a furnace.
This alloy can reach very high use temperature, particularly useful for heating elements of industrial furnaces where a high heating rate is necessary. Resistohm 140 provides outstanding durability at high temperatures up to 1280°C.
RESISTOHM 145 is a ferritic alloy of the FeCrAl family, which can be used up to 1300°C in case of big diameters.
RESISTOHM Y, Iron-Chromium-Aluminium alloy with a content of Yttrium, has a very good behavior to creeping. In addition, it has a very good life-time, especially, at very high temperature and with important thermal cycles.
This thermocouple has the highest EMF output per degree of all the referenced thermocouples.
RESISTOHM 30 presents the same applications fields as Resistohm 40 but with a little lower resistivity which imposes a maximum operating temperature of 1000°C and a higher ventilation as for RESISTOHM 40.
This Iron-Chromium-Aluminium alloy with an high content of Yttrium (> 0.05 %) and addition of rare earths, has been developed and produced for working temperatures up to 1300 °C.
Type K is the most commonly used thermocouple for measuring high temperatures, providing the widest operating temperature range from – 200 ° to + 1260 °C.
Typ N ist als Thermoelement-Werkstoff mit einem Zusatz von Silizium versehen. Hierdurch wird er wesentlich langlebiger und hält länger hohen Temperaturen stand. Was die Drift der Quellenspannung und deren kurzfristiger Änderungen anbelangt, ist er...
A 2 layer of bronze and steel combination for bearings
A 3 layer combination for Copper/Stainless Steel/Copper
IMPHY SUPRA 50 is a FeNi soft magnetic alloy with saturation induction and high permeability. The high performance level and the chemical purity make this alloy particularly suitable for applications requiring high sensitivity and great accurary. ...
IMPHY SUPRA 40 is an iron-nickel soft magnetic alloys with maximum saturation induction and high permeability with very good stampability.
PERMIMPHY is a crystalline soft magnetic alloy with very high permeability, stress resistant and the lowest magnetic losses. Used, for example for wafer fab  production  equipment shielding. learn more.
PERMIMPHY B is a nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy suitable for laminations used for recording head cores.
PERMIMPHY LS is a FeNi soft magnetic alloy with low decreasing magnetic properties under mechanical stress.
PERMIMPHY T is nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy with very high permeability and high purity dedicated to cores
IMPHY AFK 1 is an iron-cobalt soft magnetic alloy with very high saturation induction and high ductility.    
IMPHY AFK 18E is an iron-cobalt soft magnetic with very high saturation induction, High electrical resistivity and Magnetostriction λs = 25 ppm.
Iron Co soft magnetic alloys with exceptional properties include: a very high saturation induction, a high resistivity, low loss and low coercitive field.  
A grade that offers both magnetic and mechanical properties. A patented product.
INVAR AM ist in chemischer Zusammensetzung und Reinheit auf die Anforderungen des Additive Manufacturing abgestimmt.
DURIMPHY is a 250 KSI tensile strength (kilo-pound per square inch) maraging steel. In addition to having a very high yield strength, it offers a range of complementary properties, good formability and weldability, hardening by heat treatment with...
PHYNOX is an austenitic alloy strengthened by cold work and capable of additional hardening by aging at a moderate temperature (around 500°C), and also offers a range of physical and technological properties, valuable in many high tech applications.
PHYTIME is a 300 KSI tensile strength (kilo-pound per square inch) martensitic alloy ideal for hardening by ageing heat treatment. Its very outstanding mechanical and metallurgical properties make it particularly suitable when resistance to fatigu...

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