GoCore is the name of Aperam South America's grain oriented and super-oriented steels line, produced with low temperature technology. The expression "Go" comes from the English "go" and represents the idea of movement, advancement, the intention of new paths. "Core" is related to core, central and fundamental part of the product in which the steel will be applied. The logo still carries the symbol of "power", present in equipment and machines and refers to the concept of energy.
The term "Green Performance", which integrates the logo, refers to all the benefits and impacts related to the sustainability of the product, which includes the fact that Aperam steel uses only charcoal from 100% of the company's renewable forests Aperam BioEnergia, installed in the Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais.

GO - Regular

Developed to achieve low losses and high magnetic permeability, it presents excellent magnetic properties in the rolling direction. It has as a surface finish the coating called C5 (ASTM standard) and can be supplied in coils or strips, according to international standards.

Present in the manufacture of power transformer and power distribution cores, power reactors, hydrogenerators and turbogenerators, Aperam's GO regular electric steel contributes to the global reduction of energy consumption and the release of greenhouse gases.


GO - Super Oriented (HGO)

Aperam is going to manufacture High Permeability Grain Oriented Steel, a material used for production of high-efficiency power transformers. This new product will bring Aperam into the select group of worldwide HGO producers. 

The presence of silicon in the chemical composition of these grades of steel, combined with strict process control enforced in all stages of production, ensures excellent magnetic properties – capable of guaranteeing increased efficiency to electrical equipment and energy savings.


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