Alloys serve high-tech and evolving markets that have a high level of performance requirements, high device efficiency and economic global restraints.

The scope of the Iron and Cobalt alloys is broad and unrestricted. Controlled expansion alloys, magnetic alloys, high temperature alloys, corrosion resistant alloys, welding grades and special cladded make up our global offer.

Below we highlight the grades most often used for the given applications, but this list is open and by no means exhaustive.

Product Categories

The alloys are classified according to their main properties, meaning there is always an alloy solution perfectly adapted to a specific need.

Controlled Expansion Alloys  Magnetic Alloys  Corrosion Resistance  Special Alloys  Maraging  Cladded products   Thermostatic Bimetals Resistive Alloys Thermocouples Special Stainless Steels

Forms & Dimensions

Alloys are designed and elaborated at the Imphy melt shop. Starting from ingots, the product goes through hot and cold transformation before being perfectly mastered into the final product in all formats.

Bars  Cold Drawn Bars  Strips  Components  Drawn Wires  Plates  Wire rod

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