Our Nickel and Cobalt alloys are high performing, especially in high temperature environments. They also have thermal expansion control characteristics and magnetic and anti-corrosion properties.

Known as "precision metallurgy", the concept was invented and developed on the industrial site of Imphy (Burgundy, France).

Today, alloys serve a wide variety of high-tech markets and applications with particular requirements. They are particularly suitable for such processes as stamping, cutting, machining, deep drawing, welding and forging.

Aperam Alloys History

Based on a strong history, Aperam's Alloys and Specialties division continues to contribute to technical innovations: renewable energies, electric cars, induction cooking, and the list is not exhaustive.


Alloys Imphy

Since more than 100 years, Imphy plant is specialized in the design, elaboration and production of nickel and cobalt alloys, as well as certain specific stainless steels.
New alloys are regularly developed. The Imphy high performance materials answer the most demanding requirements of today and they continue to adapt to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Alloys Components

A transformation subsidiary based in France (Amilly) with a plant in  the south of China (Imhua), to serve local markets. The activity of these 2 units is dedicated to the transformation of magnetic alloys through precision stamping and core manufacturing as well as parts made of bonded material.


Alloys Rescal

Aperam Alloys Rescal has been founded in 1983. Since its acquisition, it has developed into a global leader for Electrical Resistance and Thermocouple drawn Wire and Ribbons.


Alloys ICS

Innovative Clad Solutions
For Low and medium voltage switchgear industry, ICS is manufacturing and supplying its clad products to nearly all major electrical OEMs worldwide.


About INVAR®

This grade is acknowledged for its low coefficient of thermal expansion, it is used in many applications.
INVAR®  is a 36 % iron nickel (FeNi36) alloy which has a coefficient of thermal expansion of virtually zero at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to ambient.
At the request of the Bureau of Weights and Measurements, which was looking for a substitute for platinum iridium of the standard meter, an alloy with the lowest possible coefficient of expansion, Charles-Edouard Guillaume - Swiss physician Nobel Prize in 1920 – together with Imphy Engineers developed INVAR® in 1896.
Since the early 1890s, the Imphy works has been working on nickel alloys. The works consequently became the ideal associate of Charles-Edouard Guillaume's experiments. After INVAR® discovery, many searchers - among which Pierre Chevenard - explored nickel alloys' properties throughout the 20th century. INVAR® gave then birth to many other alloys with physical and mechanical properties. More than ever, INVAR ® is a key alloy in many applications requiring of course a very low CTE but also good workability and weldability: LNG tanks, cryogenic fluid transport and transfer pipes, electronic packages, frames of deep-space telescopes, echo boxes for telephone ground relay stations, heat sinks, machine tool parts..
INVAR® has been a trademark of Imphy Alloys since 1907. Imphy research engineers and engineers' knowledge about INVAR®  and other iron nickel alloys have been published in a book, the Iron Nickel Alloys, edited by Tec & Doc Lavoisier.

Research Centre

Aperam’s dedicated Research Centres are one-stop-shops for all of your technical questions relating to the production and use of our Stainless Steels and Alloys.


Alloys Service Center

For over 30 years, IMPHY SERVICE® has been a key player in the distribution of nickel alloys developed and processed at the Imphy plant.

Our activity:

  • Distribution: sales of stock products, small quantities, fast delivery to France and export markets.
  • Service: storage and management of open orders on call, safety stock.
  • Products upon request: forgings, machined, ground, cut, slitting on request, finishing operations.

IMPHY SERVICE benefits from the support of the engineers and technicians at the "Pierre Chevenard" research centre, its products are covered by the certifications of Aperam Alloys Imphy.

IMPHY SERVICE offers its grades in many formats: cold-rolled strip, hot rolled bars, forged and cold drawn bars, flat products, forgings and blocks, wire welding, hot-rolled sheet and slabs, cut parts (water jet, plasma)



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