Flat Products Made in Brazil

Stainless steel from Aperam South America perfectly meets the requirements of sustainable development, which has become a priority by manufacturers, customers and society as a whole. The material is also recognized for its aesthetical qualities and technical performance. Therefore, stainless steel is perfectly suitable to modern needs.



Endlessly recyclable - Being an endlessly recyclable material, stainless steel is an “ecological material” by excellence. At the moment, the majority of Aperam’s worldwide production comes from its own recycling practices, which contribute to conservation of non-renewable resources.

Stainless steel in your life

Stainless steel is part of the lives of millions of people, every day. It is present in your life, in all industrial sectors and also in civil construction. Modern, beautiful, practical, versatile, functional, resistant and recyclable, stainless steel affords exceptional performance and attracts, every day, a new market segment. Many are the successful applications of stainless steel, with its use affording ease of cleaning, low maintenance and total hygiene.

Stainless Steel in Industry

Aperam is prepared to meet the highest levels of demand, providing differentiated solutions for various segments. The performance quality of Aperam Stainless Steel is unparalleled:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance and high temperatures

  • High conformability

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Deep Stamping

  • Infinitely recyclable

Stainless Steel in Civil Construction and Design

Modern, sturdy, practical, durable, 100% renewable, noble and elegant. Stainless steel has unique qualities and unlimited applications. The use of stainless steel is a growing trend in world architecture. A quality material, exceptional aesthetics and low maintenance cost. Discover the versatility of Aperam Stainless Steel.

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