Top Line Strategy

Our Top Line strategy is based on commercial projects. Its objective is to develop Aperam’s most profitable products, segments, clients and geographical areas and continue to build a quality service offering for our customers. Within the Top Line strategy, a specific focus is allocated to developing innovative products that will allow us to have a strong presence in important niche markets, as well as achieve attractive margins.


Business has never been so simple.

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Connecting Stainless Customers

Making your life easier is our objective.

To help you build the most efficient supply chain possible, Aperam offers a comprehensive portfolio of digital services. To guarantee the very best customer experience, each solution is based on Lean Start-up and Agile methodologies and aims to offer the highest value proposition capable of meeting all your supply chain needs.

Business has never been so simple

Aperam has its own e-platform that enables us to deliver excellence to all our customers. Our key eCommerce and eServices features provide a seamless experience, available 24/7, between Aperam and its customers in a very user-friendly way.

EDI: switch to the speed of light!

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most efficient way for a customer and supplier to build a fully automatised, integrated supply chain. Thanks to new technologies and Aperam’s supply chain expertise, implementing EDI is now easy and cost-efficient. By simply connecting our respective ERPs and allowing them to communicate directly from order to payment, we can provide you with a fully digitalised supply chain.

Let’s digitise our common supply chain!



Industry 4.0: start your journey with us

Ready to start your journey towards Industry 4.0? Aperam can help by providing experience-based advice and integrating fast-moving, efficient changes into our common supply chain. Our solutions include: automatic material reception technologies, automatic inventory replenishment, API connectors for getting real-time information about your order book and updates on your deliveries
These are just a few of the many solutions we can implement. To learn more, contact us today.

Let’s drive the future together!


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