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Aperam Alloys Amilly core competence:

Experience in the manufacturing of magnetic parts since 1961

  • Knowledge of magnetic materials
  • Know how in precision stamping and core manufacturing
  • Wide range of heat treatment conditions
  • Unique experience in surface finishing
  • Design of innovative solutions in partnership with customers and Pierre Chevenard Research Center    
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Aperam Alloys Imhua core competence:

Experience in the manufacturing of large volume of magnetic cores and components since 2003 in China

  • Knowledge of magnetic materials
  • Know how in core manufacturing (Low and High Permeability)
  • Production for Electrical Safety and Automotive Market
  • IATF, OHSAS 18001 and ISO9001 Certification
  • 8000M2 of bright new brand Site dedicated for operations with highest standard
  • Wide range of heat treatment conditions
  • Large Volume of cores manufacturing with unitary control of performance
  • Design of innovative solutions in partnership with customers, Aperam Alloys Amilly and Pierre Chevenard Research Center
Alloys Offer

Our Know-How and Production Facilities


Components offers 10 high-speed production presses ranging from 15 tons to 100 tons in sizes handling die lengths to 1200mm. Press speeds to 1000spm. Depending on the parts geometry, sliding presses can also be used to minimize the scrap rate.
All press stations are equipped with instrumentation to check tolerances, flatness etc... The press operator maintains statistical production controls with authority to stop production for tool adjustments or sharpening.
All operators are qualified to set-up tooling. Precise set-up procedures are available along with the tool performance history.
Tooling is moved to die-service as needed and at completion of every run, where it is prepared for the next run cycle.
The operator is familiar with the customer that the parts are being produced for and any specific quality requirements.


Components offers several furnace styles which include:
Batch - 3 volume sizes to custom anneal varying load sizes
Continuous belt furnaces are used for high runners
For cores production, 20 furnaces are running in both Amilly (FR) and Foshan (PRC) plants.
Furnaces are under state of the art controls with flexibility to adjust temperatures, cycle times and coolings, to meet specific requirements (magnetic values) of the customer specification. The appropriate cycle is precisely recorded and is traceable to the incoming raw material.



For specific requirements or processes like core cutting, grinding, lapping, surface treatment, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Assets

High volume
High volume manufacturing to precise specifications
(120 Million Parts per year)
Flexibility to react
Flexibility to react to short term fluctuations in demand
Key Customers: market leaders in highly competitive markets such as Automotive, Aerospace and Electrical Safety
Negotiation with Corporate entities then supply to factories worldwide
Possible Management of subcontracted operations with:
• A proven Quality Assurance system
• A Flexible Supply chain
• A Lean manufacturing approach