6 main production sites & Transformation facilities

Stainless & Electrical Steel - Ni-Alloys



Production assets in Europe & South America

Aperam's value chain

SlabsHot rollingCold rolling / Finishing Service 
Châtelet*ChâteletIsberguesStainless FlatDirect Sale
Service Center
Steel service centers
End Customers
GenkDirect Sale
Service Center
GueugnonDirect Sale
Service Center
Timóteo**TimóteoTimóteo Electrical
Timóteo Stainless

Electrical Flat
Stainless Flat

Direct Sale
Service Center
Imphy***Châtelet (strip)ImphyNi Alloys & SpecialtiesDirect Sale
Service Center

*Stainless & Electrical Steel Europe + ** Stainless & Electrical Steel South America = Stainless & Electrical Steel
***Alloys & Specialties
****Services & solutions

Stainless & Electrical Steel

2.5 mt production capacity
1.9 mt of gross shipments*
83 % of group EBITDA*

One of the largest global producers of stainless steel**

> 2 Electric Arc Furnaces use scrap as major input material
> Stainless steel flat product output
South America
> 2 blast furnace use iron ore and charcoal produced from own forests
> 2 Electric Arc Furnaces use recycled scrap
> Stainless flat products & electrical steel

*gross shipments and EBITDA are before eliminations
** by production capacity

Services & Solutions

819 kt of gross shipments*
8 % of group EBITDA*
Aperam sells and distributes its products
through the Services & Solutions segment,
which provides value added and customized steel solutions
through further processing to meet specific customer requirements.
Services & Solutions core activities:

> Direct sales of Aperam products to end-users
> Distribution of Aperam and third party material
> Transformation services, according to specific customer requirements

*gross shipments and EBITDA are before eliminations

Alloys & Specialties

40 kt production capacity
36 kt of gross shipments*
9 % of group EBITDA*
> Fourth largest producer of nickel alloys globally
> Aperam specializes in nickel alloys and specific stainless steels
> Our products take the form of bars, semis, cold-rolled strips,
wire and wire rods, and plates, and are offered in a wide range of grades
> High value items that are often sold on a kg basis

*gross shipments and EBITDA are before eliminations
Châtelet, Belgium

- Melt shop and hot rolling mill
- Capacity: Slabs 1,000 kt / HSM 2,800 kt

Genk, Belgium
- Melt shop, cold rolling mill and finishing
- Capacity: Slabs 1,000 kt / Cold rolling 700 kt / up to 2 m wide / 316 & Duplex grades
Gueugnon, France
- Cold rolling mill and finishing
- Capacity: Finished 400 kt / Bright Annealing (BA) & stabilised ferritics
Isbergues, France
- Cold rolling mill and finishing
- Capacity: Finish 350 kt / LC2i integrated line
Timóteo, Brazil
- Melt shop and finishing
- Capacity*: Slabs 900 kt / Stainless finished 350 kt /
Electrical CR: Grain Oriented 60 kt / Non Grain Oriented 170 kt
Special Carbon Steels 200 kt
* some lines are flexibly used for different products
Imphy, France
- Melt shop and finishing
- Capacity: Electric Arc Furnace 60 kt / 1 Vacuum Induction Melting furnace / 2 Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnaces
Rotary continuous caster for long products / Wire hot rolling mill 40 kt / 6 Cold rolling mills