Communities & Corporate Citizenship


We aim to achieve best practices in governance with benevolence and transparency. These are the keys to building trust with our customers, our employees and the communities we work in, to protecting our market position and license to operate, and ensuring our ability to thrive.

> Our strong customer focus, with innovation and R&D being key pillars (see HERE), is testament to the fact that we are good at listening and able to find the right solutions - a pattern we repeat in our social dialogue and stakeholder engagement.

> Since Aperam’s creation, we consider efficiency as a responsibility and we have led transformation programmes to adapt to changing market conditions. As a result, we are today better able to face headwinds, seize the benefits of the long-term growth perspectives of our stainless and specialty-steel markets and build a sustainable future for our teams.
This responsible strategy and its efficient delivery are now recognised and often applauded from very different perspectives. For instance, our good performance is acknowledged by both financial and ESG analysts (see aside), and we take pride in operating in harmony with our business partners, customers (see our offer HERE), suppliers, unions, and the surrounding communities.

Relationship with Communities

> Maintaining a close relationship with our stakeholders is both fully consistent with our values and sound business management. During the recent hard economic times, some of our sites had to discontinue regular encounters with the communities, but in Brazil, these actions managed under the umbrella of our Acesita Foundation, never really halted, and can read about HERE 

> In these past few years, many sites resumed events and communication actions: some of our S&S units have been celebrating anniversaries (Poland, Italy and Germany) and several of our main plants have also organised open days to have visitors get a behind-the-scenes look at our industry. In particular, these were held in Genk (annual Junior’s Day and a special Open door event in 2018), Imphy (Stakeholder day inviting neighbours, officials and academics, 2017), Gueugnon (3,000 visitors at the 3-day 2017 event) and Isbergues's Family Day (2018, see picture above).

> To structure the relationships, a policy has been approved to propose specific complementary tools to arrange efficient interactions between our main sites and the surrounding communities. Key metrics regarding our social and environmental performance are displayed as posters at the main entrances and provide access to a simple online form to facilitate the exchanges in the form of questions, complaints or suggestions in local languages.

This is to complement our reporting pack that includes a full Sustainability Report in English (HERE), as well as Country supplements for the three countries of operations that comprise more than 80% of our staff (Belgium, France, Brazil)