Non Grain Oriented (NGO)


Aperam’s NGO electrical steel, which presents fully-developed magnetic properties and covers all the various classes required by the market, affords excellent permeability values, low core losses and can be supplied with insulating coating.

NGO electrical steel, which can be supplied in the form of coils, strips or plates, will have its surfaces insulated with one of the following types of coating:

  • C0 > N0 (inorganic finishing of natural oxides);
  • C3 > N6 (organic insulation achieved through application of varnish to the material surface);

  • C4 > N4 (inorganic insulation achieved through application of chemical treatment to the material);

  • C6 > N5 (organic/inorganic insulation applied to the material surface).

The limit values of core losses refer to a fully processed product, tested as cut, without stress-relieving annealing for stresses introduced by cutting, with 50% of the samples cut up in the rolling direction and 50% in crosswise direction.

Having wide application, NGO electrical steel is found in the magnetic core of electric generators and motors, ballasts used with fluorescent lamps, energy meters, electric motors for hermetic compressors of refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioning.