AFULudine – a new green lubricant for forming operation

AFULudine – a new green lubricant for forming operation

Metalwork companies traditionally use petrochemical oils for a majority of their forming operations. Although these oils are efficient, they come burdened with increasingly severe constraints. This is particularly true for those oils containing Chlorinated Paraffin (CP), a very efficient extreme pressure additive for stamping operations of stainless steels. Using petrochemical oils, including CP, almost always requires the regular cleaning of tools and materials (degreasing steps), which results in high costs for handling and reprocessing. Moreover, these oils are deemed harmful to the environment, leading to new environmental restrictions (REACH, EPA) that will potentially limit CP’s use over the course of the next few years. De facto, many of the traditional oils that stamping companies use on a daily basis will no longer be available.

As a result, the stamping world is in great need for a disruptive and innovative lubricant that can serve as an alternative to currently available petrochemical solutions.

The answer to this need is AFULudine, a showcase in participatory innovation. Aperam joined the AFULudine start-up in its early stages, bringing with us all of our industrial and metallurgy skills and the ambition to provide an innovative solution for the manufacturing of stainless steel.

AFULudine, a non-oil solution, is an environmentally friendly lubricant technology that answers today’s most pressing industrial needs. Its innovative genius is found in its chemical nature – AFULudine consists only of water, alcohol and dedicated active molecules that have a high reactivity with stainless steels. Unlike traditional petrochemical lubricants, with AFULudine one no longer has to hope for a potential reaction to the extreme pressure or antiwear additives during forming operations. This is because AFULudine molecules are present at just the slightest touch with the active solution, leading to an efficient protection of the metal surface regardless of the solicitation conditions. This creates intelligent surfaces with friction and wear properties identical, if not superior, to what can be obtained using petrochemical oils. Naturally, AFULudine is non-toxic to both the skin and eyes, not to mention being completely biodegradable and thus environmentally friendly.

AFULudine’s advantages
  • Simple and fast to use (with standard lubrication systems).
  • Efficient for severe forming operations.
  • Removes the high-pollution and energy-intensive post-shaped degreasing steps that typically follows the forming operations (stamping, cutting, etc.) of the material.
  • Significant savings in the industrial process (decrease of the TCO).
  • No chemical risks for the users.
  • Environmentally friendly and eco-toxicity certified by accredited laboratories.
  • Operators benefit from improved working conditions while handling the machines.

For the end user, AFULudine is nothing short of a game-changer. According to the utensil manufacturer Cristel, by switching to AFULudine solutions, the company will no longer need to clean oil from their tools, presses or other equipment. Likewise, thanks to AFULudine solutions, Cristel will no longer have to clean oil from their products after forming operations, allowing them to directly move to the next step in the manufacturing process (i.e., brazing). The company also fully appreciates the decrease in the use of water and detergent, which allows Cristel to improve its environmental footprint.

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