As a reliable and sustainable material, stainless steel is used at several levels in the energy chain, from the offshore wells in the Oil and Gas industry to the hot water tank coupled with photovoltaic panels, as well as in such process industries as petrochemical and chemical, among others. The diversity of the service conditions, combined with cost efficiency, have permitted the development of a lot of different stainless steel grades.

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Aperam extends its NORSOK approval on the superduplex DX2507

Aperam has received NORSOK approval (M-650 & M-630) for the superduplex grade DX2507 (EN 1.4410/ASTM S32750) in flat stainless steel products (up to 8mm thick in 1.5m wide for hot-rolled coils and sheets and up to 5.6mm in 1.5m wide for cold-rolled material).

Energy & Process Industries

> Flexible risers, umbilicals
> Storage tanks, cryogenic tanks and membranes
> Tubular heat exchangers
> Process equipments for pulp and paper, chemical, textiles and mining


> Evaporator for thermal desalinisation
> Tubing for potable water in buildings and for waste water
> Water canalisations
> Storage for industrial waste water, distillate water and effluents

Food & Beverage

> Equipment for beer and wine industries 
Kegs for beer, soda, oil
> Conveying chains
> Silos and tanks


> IMO tank and swap bodies
> Trailers and tank vessels for freight wagons
> Rolling stock, tramway, metro and bus
Offer for stringent applications: Duplex

> The Duplex grades are the natural candidate for these applications as they combine the corrosion resistance of austenitics with high mechanical properties. 

> Available up to 2m wide

Grade designations
Chemical compositions
Pitting Corrosion Resistance PREN*
Mechanical properties
 AISIUNSENCSiMnCrMoNiOthers Rm(MPa)Rp0.2(MPa)A%

*PREN: Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number

Offer for other applications: Austenitics

The austenitic grades are the most common stainless steels. They come in all sorts of possible variants, depending on the properties required by the end-use conditions.

Aperam offers a high quality surface, especially for container applications that need to avoid any risk of fluid retention.

Grade designations
Chemical compositions
Mechanical properties
Aperam 316L (18-11ML)316LS316031.44350.0250.401.2016.602.1010.1061030052
Case Studies

Az Zour North

Az Zour North

3 000 tons of Aperam’s DX2304 duplex steel was used in the construction of 10 evaporators at Kuwait’s Az Zour North thermal desalination plant


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