Discover Aperam

Aperam  is  a  public  limited  company  listed  on  the  Luxembourg  stock  exchange  and  on  Euronext  Amsterdam, Brussels  and  Paris.

We manage our business according to three primary operating segments:

Stainless & Electrical Steel: We are a leading global producers of stainless steel by production capacity. We produce a wide range of stainless and electrical steels (both Grain Oriented and Non­Grain Oriented) and continuously expand our product offerings by developing new and higher grades of stainless steel and electrical steel.

Services & Solutions: Our Services & Solutions segment, which includes our tubes business, performs three core activities: (i) the management of exclusive, direct sales of stainless steel products from our production facilities, primarily those located in Europe; (ii) distribution of our products and, to a much lesser extent, external suppliers' products; and (iii) transformation services, which include the provision of value added and customised steel solutions through further processing to meet specific customer requirements.

Alloys & Specialties: Our Alloys & Specialties segment is the fourth largest producer of nickel alloys in the world. We are specialised in the design, production and transformation of various nickel alloys and certain specific stainless steels.