Employee Testimonial Lionel

In 1980, Lionel started at the Gueugnon site’s Training Centre as an electromechanic, before being hired as a finishing operator. By 1994, he had become finishing team leader and, throughout the 2000s, he continued to develop through different roles in Continuous Improvement held at the Long Slitting Workshop. Next, he participated in a project dedicated to performance improvement (“a very rich experience,” he stresses).

Supported by the Gueugnon management team and driven by his willingness to progress, he attended a two-year master program at EM Lyon (2011-2013). At the same time, he was named Head of Slitting and, in 2015, he became the Manager of the Finishing & Skin Pass Workshop,where he led the 200-person operation. Still, Lionel was not finished with his professional advancement. In April 2017, he left the operational side to start working as the site’s Deputy Head of Human Resources

“Since the beginning, I decided to develop and go further in my career. I put all my efforts into that. But my career path is also linked to the fact that I love problem-solving and dealing with people. This really corresponds to my personal interest of travelling and meeting people around the world, which allowed me to see how cultural diversity can be fruitful to an organisation. This really consolidated my motivation.“

„Today, my new job is an amazing change as it gives me the opportunity to think from another perspective, without the urgency of a production line. Now, in order to start the week on a positive note with my team, we begin every Monday with a debriefing about the success of the past week, then we go through the points still pending in a better mood, while always promoting exchanges within the team!”

Lionel’s career tips

  • Keep learning​: this is essential to adding to our field experience
  • Take advice​ from a coach, his/her vast experience helps to go further and faster while avoiding mistakes
  • Put your heart and soul into what you do!​ Results do not come without effort, but with work and perseverance we can achieve whatever we want!