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For Aperam, it is essential that all employees are fully aware and aligned with our Corporate Governance and Compliance framework and that a zero tolerance for non-­compliant behaviour is achieved (read 'structured approach'). But beyond regulations, Aperam also ensures that our ethics, described in our Code of Conduct, are well understood and applied at all times. 

A structured approach

Aperam invests a lot of efforts in making sure all of its numerous policies are well understood, from insider dealing to anti-­trust, economic sanctions, conflict of interest and anti-discrimination (see all our policies to the right). The company also aims to continuously improve its Corporate Governance and Compliance framework in line with the industry's best standards.
To do so, a strong approach has been built. Based on a solid company alignment, it encompasses four pillars - Communications, Training, Expertise and Continuous improvement - to sustain the Behaviours that we want at Aperam. We also use a network of champions to spread the word from the top management down to the shop-floor and we address all topics and dillemmas with a Compliance Committee chaired by our CFO. Using this approach, we can establish a culture of sustainable Business Ethics and Compliance.

"It's very clear to me that being a sustainably safe and sustainably profitable company that remains ahead of the competition can only be reached if we apply the strongest business ethics within Aperam, without any compromise"

Timoteo di Maulo - Aperam CEO

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