Aperam Way

We are a company that values ​​people. By constantly investing in the development of our people, we seek to build a differentiated future. This is the Aperam Way. 

Everyone at Aperam - from its executives to our employees - is committed to the Aperam Way. The Aperam Way is a programme that has its roots in an Employee Value Proposition Project (EVP). This project included a global survey of employees from across the Aperam Group. It is from the results of this research and the steps we have taken since that the Aperam Way was born.

The Brand

We adopted the logo (we + do) to symbolize our commitment to our people. This logo represents our commitment to developing - and maintaining - a work environment that promotes the motivation and engagement of our employees.


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(safety + sustainability)

At Aperam, safety is a way of life - one that comes before everything we do. We promote a working environment that is healthy and environmentally safe. We consistently encourage responsible behaviour towards our environment, with the collective goal of contributing to the development of a sustainable industry.

(teamwork + diversity)

We value the contribution of every member of our team. Employees are encouraged to share their ideas by means of open communication channels. Teamwork and team actions are the Aperam Way for achieving results, and we are committed to fostering diversity in both the makeup of our teams and the ideas that they produce. See more 

(competences + employability)

We promote the competences and employability of our employees. Aperam’s employees can develop their competences based on proven skills, performance and potential. Aperam promotes flexibility and multiple skills to increase employability and to maximize employment stability in uncertain economic times. Employees receive support to develop autonomy and to take initiatives relative to their positions. Employees express their career aspirations and ambitions and contribute to the definition of their training paths. Employees also have access to mobility, both inside and outside their entities.

(transparency + reliable evaluation)

We recognise people’s performances and competences in a transparent way. People have a clear view of their remuneration package, both for base payment and incentives, as well as for health and other benefits. Aperam uses a simple and strong structure to guarantee the reliable evaluation of competences. Aperam’s performance evaluation process is well defined and formalised. Employees have the right to accurate feedback on the managerial decisions that affect them, especially those taken by Career Committees.

(proximity + management by example)

Our managers lead by example They act in consistency with Aperam’s Values. They are close to their personnel, respecting them and transmitting confidence. They enable teams and individuals to act with sufficient independence. They value ideas and initiatives.

"The people who work for and with Aperam are our greatest asset, and their Health and Safety is our top priority.

We believe strongly in the future of our people, offering training and opportunities for career development, a high level of employee engagement and a true culture of innovation."


Timoteo di Maulo

Aperam CEO

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