Our Assets

The huge experience of Rescal founders and workers in the Electrical Resistance markets has allowed for a rapid success and strong growth in the domestic appliances and industrial sectors.

Despite a late entry into the thermocouple market, Rescal has leveraged the large meltshop and technical abilities and experience of its parent company to develop a comprehensive range of thermocouples alloys in class 1 & 2.

Aperam Alloys Rescal has progressively become one of the very few global leaders both for extension and compensation wires or special applications like mineral insulated cables or connectors. In parallel it developed for many years a dedicated know how to serve the most demanding applications.

Our Activity / Customer offer

Our engineers and sales & marketing team keep in touch with you through regular technical contacts and visits.
Within a relationship of trust based on partnership, our teams put their professionalism at your disposal to ensure optimum use of the products adapted to your requirements.

Key Facts

Most alloys are sold under the RESISTOHM® trademark. Alloys are sold in more than 50 countries and on all continents. Export represents more than 80% of Rescal’s wire, ribbon and strip production.

Safety Quality and Security

As a proud partner of the Aperam Group’s Safety First values, Aperam Alloys Rescal is committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all its employees – a commitment that was recognised in 2008 when it was awarded the Cramif Trophy.
This prestigious award is given to companies who have taken exemplary actions towards the prevention of work accidents and professional diseases.
Aperam Alloys Rescal is ISO 9001 certified for quality management, and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified for environment,health and safety.