ICS is manufacturing and supplying clad products for nearly all major electrical OEMs worldwide. Thanks to the skills and accumulated experience of its technical team and close interaction with its customers, ICS has designed unique clad solutions that enable end-users to achieve substantial savings and/or improved functionality. For many electrical application, ICS has replaced copper, brass or phosphors bronze components with clad solutions that meet conductivity requirements and provide superior strength/other mechanical properties. ICS also has clad solutions capable of providing electrical connection between conductors of different metals. Thanks to reliability and distinctive quality of our products, ICS is the preferred supplier for many of our customers.

Electrical grade clad has long been used as the incoming and outgoing terminal in residential and industrial circuit breakers.

Typical clad product by ICS: copper/steel/copper in layer ratio of 15/70/15, 10/80/10, 05/90/05, 03/94/03.

Typical clad product by ICS: copper/steel/copper in layer ratio of 20/60/20, 15/70/15, 10/80/10, 40/50/10.

Copper clad aluminum combines the light weight benefits of aluminum with the high electrical and thermal characteristics and excellent heat dissipation of copper and is with many applications in the electrical distribution market.

Typical clad product by ICS: copper/steel/copper in 15/70/15 and copper/ aluminum/copper in 15/70/15.

A silver plated bimetal plate with copper cladding on an aluminum conductor is used at all connection contacts in the busway where there is high current and high pressure. The outer contact surface of the connection plate is silver-plated copper and the inside surface is aluminum. The entire busway connection zone is silver to silver contact. Copper is placed only where it is required, ie, at the contacts. Fretting corrosion does not happen as the hardness of copper is much higher than that of aluminum.

Copper clad steel combines the physical attributes of steel and high conductivity for such applications as flat to canter lever-type springs or parts, fuse clips, connectors, terminals and circuit breakers.

Typical clad product by ICS: copper/aluminum/copper 15/70/15, copper/alloy steel/copper 15/70/15 and copper/steel/copper 15/70/15.

These shielding materials consists of a core material made out of either stainless or carbon steel or high-strength, low-allow steel cladded with copper on both sides. All of these options have properties ideally suited for the telephone wire and cable environment. The copper assists in reducing crosstalk and electrically protects the cable from lightning strikes or ground faults, while the steel’s strength increases resistance to gnawing rodents while also reducing cost by allowing for the use of thinner gauge material. These cladded shielding materials are good, cost-effective replacements for copper, bronze or coated aluminum shields as they offer both the excellent attenuations and mechanical properties that these industrial applications require.

Typical clad product by ICS: copper/alloy steel/copper 15/70/15.





Innoply®5 Ply Full Clad Metal Innovative Clad Solutions has developed INNOPLY®, an energy efficient, hygienic five ply clad material solution for the manufacturing of pressure cookers and cookware for induction and conventional gas/direct fire cooking.

Functionality benefits of five layers of Innoply(R) Ultra Stainless Steel 204Cu (outer and inner)
Food grade quality for hygienic cooking
Long life and durability
Aesthetic appearance
Two layers of Copper
Copper, known for its superb heat conductivity, provides uniform heat distribution
Stainless Steel 430 core
Provides strong induction property
Innoply® (5 Ply Full Clad) Advantages over Induction Bottom Cookware
INNOPLY has a built-in induction core that eliminates the need for a separate induction bottom.

What this means for manufacturers of cookware/pressure cookers:
- No need to invest in equipment and machinery for the sandwich bottom process
- No need to source raw material for the sandwich bottom
- No need for extra manufacturing steps to fix the sandwich bottom

As a result, you save time, money and effort across the manufacturing process!
INNOPLY®: for End Users (Home/Chef)
- INNOPLY® 5 ply’s layers is a copper layer that runs throughout the body of cookware, thus allowing for fast and uniform heat distribution. This saves up to 30% energy and provides a better cooking experience as compared to sandwich bottom cookware.
- One single cookware that works efficiently both on gas and induction heating.
- Avoid problems with the sandwich bottom becoming loose.
- Provides long life and durability.
Whether you’re cooking at home or a professional chef, INNOPLY® saves you time, money and effort!

Copper – Stainless Steel Two Ply Clad Metal

Cooking Pans and Decorative Items
Copper – stainless steel provides heat efficient and durable pans for hygienic cooking. Copper also helps ensure uniform heat distribution, providing for a fine culinary experience.

Copper’s aesthetic appeal means many decorative housewares are made from copper-stainless two ply clad material.
Water Storage Camper/ Jugs
Copper’s antibacterial properties make it ahealthy water storage solution.