Whether it’s an innovative, high-performance solution, providing local technical
assistance or co-developing a new product, every one of our actions shares the same goal: 

To be Your preferred supplier


By investing in an
evolving innovation
pipeline today, we 
remain the preferred
supplier of tomorrow


Doing business is
simple with our online suite
of digital services and around-the-clock
customer support


Our global network
of local service centers
and sales offices ensures 
support is never far away


product portfolio
means we are ready
to serve a wide range
of industries


By providing the
world's "greenest
stainless steel", we
are at the forefront
of sustainability

Our Products

Aperam in action

Philharmonie Paris

An eye-catching landmark of the Greater Paris area, the Philharmonie de
Paris’ bright, stainless steel plated Tourbillon, or whirlpool, rises from the
building’s centre. In contrast to the outer layer, the shiny appearance of the
stainless steel exaggerates the surrounding landscape.


Why is IMPHY 625 W (Welding) the material of choice for the chemical processing, marine engineering and pollution control sectors? Simple: the alloy offers safety, good resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and cracking caused by stress-corrosion. It also has excellent fatigue strength, making it ideal for #welding applications.

Concrete Mixer

Aperam is excited to introduce the world’s first StainlessSteel concrete mixer. Developed by the Brazilian Association of Concrete Services Companies – a joint venture between Aperam, Convicta, and Volkswagen Trucks – the resiliant, ultralight concrete mixer offers the mechanical resistance and nominal hardness needed to resist the combined effects of abrasion and corrosion. What’s more, it’s light enough to carry up to 8m3 of concrete per trip!

Discover Aperam

From Farm to Table

From farms to food processing facilities, restaurant kitchens
to the kitchen counter, discover why stainless steel is the ma-
terial of choice for the food, beverage and cooking industries

Nickel Alloys for Every Application

A wide-range of alloys that meet most of the needs of  demanding and high tech markets as Energy, Transportation, Medical, CPI, and Consumers goods.


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