What makes Aperam unique

Leading global stainless and specialty steel producer

  • Leading player in stainless steel in Europe and Latam and in electrical steel and special alloys niches
  • Provides exposure to both high end mature markets and emerging markets growth

Long-term growth potential of the stainless and specialty steel industry

  • Long-term growth trends in mature markets supported by emerging market demand

Global, integrated distribution network and proximity to customer

  • Services & Solutions division provides exclusive and global distribution channel
  • Focus on services, partnership and customer satisfaction offers growth opportunities

Effective working capital and risk management

  • Best in class working capital ratio
  • Active use of risk management tools to manage in particular Nickel exposure

Leading R&D capabilities

  • Continuous product development and innovation (Ferritics, High-end GO/NGO, Nickel Alloys, Duplex…)
  • R&D activities in France and Brazil

Continuous improvement

  • Continuous improvement program ensuring cost effectiveness and focus on Health & Safety

Ability to produce stainless and specialty steel products from low-cost charcoal

  • Unique upstream integration into forestry asset provides cost advantage and access to sustainable energy source

Strong financials through the cycle

  • Superior earning profile and lower volatility