Tools and product offer

Welding & transforming tools

Aperam is the leader in South America Stainless and Aluminized tube market, with a complete range of products (austenitic, ferritic and carbon aluminized) for automotive industry. Our 2 facilities are strategically located to supply the main automotive markets, with specific logistic solutions for each customer (Constructors, Tier1 and Tier2).


With more than 60 years producing tubes inUruguay, ourMontevideofacility has the mastery of HF, Laser and TIG welding, being able to supply tubes for specific applications, such as hooks, manifolds, spinning, and others.

Casavalle Unit

3 Slitting lines
3 High Frequency lines
3 Laser lines
2 TIG lines

Sayago Unit (buffer stock + cut to length)

8 Cutting lines

Outstanding Tools

-          Mill Tool Manufacturing (Roll Desing and Tooling Fabrication)
-          Bar Code – Tracking System
-          Metalpix Software
-          On line Mill Productivity Control

Sumaré – SP –BRAZIL

Strategic located, ourTubeServiceCenterin Sumaré has a buffer stock close to the main automotive customers.

–         Complete range of tube products: 4XX, 3XX and Carbon Aluminized
–         Strategic location: max. distance of 100km from the main customers
–         Area: 11.000 m2
–         6 Cutting Machines
–         JIT delivery: lower delivery time, increase of flexibility
–         New packing standard: to allow customer to use in production line