Company profile

Aperam group is a global player in stainless steel with 2.5mt of flat stainless steel capacity in Europe and Brazil (9 500 workers worldwide).

Aperam is producing : Stainless steel, Electrical steel, Precision stainless steel strips, Flat stainless steel bars, Stainlesss steel tubes and Nickel Alloys (strips, bars, wires, plates, components).

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The 'Precision' division is specialized in flat stainless steel strips in thin and extra-thin thicknesses meeting the most stringent requirements.





What make us unique ?

  •  More than 20 grades available:

 Austenitics, Ferritics, Martensitics


  •  A unique range of dimensions:

 Thicknesses: 0.060 to 2.50 mm

 Widths: 3 to 700 mm


  •  Specific metallurgical finishes:

 Annealed / Temper Rolled / Quenched


  •  A large choice of surface aspects


  •  Quantity from 100Kg


  •  A quality reconized by everyone





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Extra Alloys (precision)