27 June 2016

Joint Press Release - New financing under the Investment Plan for Europe: The EIB provides financing for future investment projects for innovation and modernisation of Aperam of EUR 50 million



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11:00 am CET - Luxembourg June 27, 2016 - Aperam and the European Investment Bank (EIB) announce the signature of a financing contract of an amount of EUR 50 million for the purpose of financing a research and development programme over the period 2016-2019 as well as the upgrade of two plants located in cohesion regions (Isbergues - Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Châtelet-Hainaut).  This project was funded under the Investment Plan for Europe, also named " Juncker Plan”, of which France is one the main beneficiary countries with 35 operations launched to date by the EIB Group and for a total amount of € 1.7 billion, which should generate 15 billion euros of additional investment.

The signature of the contract took place at Aperam facilities in Isbergues, France in the presence of Emmanuel Macron, France’s Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector and of Ambroise Fayolle, Vice-President of the EIB.

Welcoming the signing of the loan, EIB Vice-President Ambroise Fayolle said: "It represents a significant funding which is part of the investment plan for Europe. The EIB is very proud to finance a leader of the European stainless steel industry which successfully adapted to the challenging market conditions.  This signature symbolises the strong EIB commitment to supporting the development of innovative and high added-value projects in Europe while improving environmental footprint. Innovation is driving the international competitiveness of companies and employment. That is why we offer financial products tailored to develop the technical and industrial excellence of these companies.”

Timoteo Di Maulo, CEO of Aperam, commented: “This financing will fully support Aperam’s Top Line Strategy and Leadership Journey® as we will further strengthen our innovative product portfolio and our operational excellence. It is consistent with our objectives of sustainability. It contributes to our plan of modernisation of industrial tools in Isbergues (France) & Châtelet (Belgium) and also reinforces Aperam research and development centers in Isbergues and Imphy (France).



The Investment Plan for Europe, a priority for the EIB Group

Since 2015, the EIB Group is the operator of the Investment Plan for Europe. The projects funded by the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) are more of a risky nature, the objective being to support investment in specific sectors which are a priority for the future of the European economy. The outcome of  this European initiative is the funding to date of 266 concrete operations with high added value for European businesses and citizens in the public and private sectors, both nationally and also in the heart of the territories. Funding for these operations should mobilise a global investment of 107 billion euros out of the 315 announced in Europe which are to be achieved by 2018: For its first anniversary, the Investment Plan for Europe reached 34 % of its final  target in terms approvals.

About Aperam

Aperam is a global player in stainless, electrical and specialty steel, with customers in over 40 countries. The business is organized in three primary operating segments: Stainless & Electrical Steel, Services & Solutions and Alloys & Specialties.

Aperam has 2.5 million tonnes of flat Stainless and Electrical steel capacity in Brazil and Europe and is a leader in high value specialty products. Aperam has a highly integrated distribution, processing and services network and a unique capability to produce stainless and specialty from low cost biomass (charcoal). Its industrial network is concentrated in six production facilities located in Brazil, Belgium and France.

In 2015, Aperam had sales of USD 4.7 billion and shipments of 1.89 million tonnes.

For further information, please refer to our website at www.aperam.com


About the European Investment Bank Group

Created in 1957 by the Treaty of Rome, the EIB is the European Union’s bank, forming with the European Investment Fund (EIF) - subsidiary dedicated to supporting SMEs - the EIB Group. First multilateral financial institution in the world by the volume of its loans,the EIB brings its funding (EUR 80 billion in 2015) and its expertise in sound and sustainable investment projects, mostly in the EU. Its shareholders are the 28 Member States and its support contribute to achieving the EU targets.

With its strong expertise and its financial attractiveness thanks to its triple A rating, the EIB Group is a key player in the revival of investment in Europe and particularly in France with a little over 8.7 billion euros for new financing in 2015 from which 46% of its activity in support of climate action. The exceptional mobilisation of the EIB Group in France in 2015 to support the real economy was conducted in conjunction with public and private partners.

For more information thank you to refer to the website: www.bei.org


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