Applying some simple rules will prolong the service life and finish of your stainless steel equipment

Although it has been used daily for nearly 100 years, many cooks and workers in the catering industry know little about stainless steel except its name. Numerous false ideas are current about this subject and a number of users know little of the precautions to take to keep it looking new.

Through the explanations contained in this document Stainless Europe hope to help you to be proud of your material even after years of use when you are in the kitchen.

This document is also for the installers of new kitchens and hardware manufacturers to help eliminate cases of corrosion unfortunately still encountered today in this sector.

Maintenance advice

This brochure answers to your questions on the cleaning process of stainless steel.

File(s) to download:

Maintenance advice for stainless steel in Catering

Conseils d’entretien de l’acier inoxydable en restauration

Consejos de limpieza del acero inoxidable en la hosteleria


You can see here below the ISSF ( International Stainless Steel Forum) DVD- Video  that introduces the best practice in cleaning and disinfecting stainless steel commercial food equipment. There are 7 examples: shiny items, work surfaces, fridge, oven, cooking top, fryer, floor.